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Wisconsin Public Records

Wisconsin Public Records are archived and organized by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The residents, entities and companies in the State are technically privileged to have the right to information more especially in times when they are needed the most. So, all the public reports are kept by the Department of Public Instruction including the vital records, court documents and the administrative files. Each county has an assigned clerk who is tasked to cater any requests regarding the acquisition of the public documents.

The State has several divisions which handle records services. The division of legal services for instance is responsible for the applications related to criminal appeals, civil legislation, revenue, state programs and a lot more. They also have a criminal investigation division which holds state-wide criminal reports. They have an online repository called the criminal cases record check for the people to get details from. There is also the Law Enforcement Services division which caters services on technical and scientific assistance. Also, they have created the Management Services division to document the reports on budget preparation, personnel management, training, payroll and more.

Wisconsin Public Records

On the other hand, the court records are also unveiled to public by letting them search through a case number, party name, date of birth, business name and others. It’s really awesome to know that the residents in Wisconsin have the opportunity to obtain the records in several ways. As a matter of fact, individuals can either resort to pulling up the reports from a government agency or from an Internet records database. As provided by law, the records are accessible so long as the reasons for doing the requests are legitimate. However, not all records will be divulged to just anyone. There are those not revealed simply for the protection of the whole State government.

As for the vital documents, death, marriage and divorce records can be obtained at $7.00 per copy while birth records can be ordered at $12.00 for each request. Birth and death records have been updated since 1857, marriage reports in 1836 and the divorce files in 1907. All these legal files are accessible through the Vital Records office which has also created an online records archive for those who prefer to undergo an online search. Additional copies for each type of record should mean that an applicant will have to pay an extra amount of $3.00 for every copy.

Today, the lengthy job of pulling up the records information has been made quicker and shorter since it is directly channelled through the web. This means that you no longer have to go visit the government records office in person because you can simply open a records website and download the legal pieces of information which you need. It comes as a paid records service provider but absolutely worth the quality of results that you get. More importantly, the data being delivered can be leveraged for any legal undertakings.

Wisconsin Public Records

Quick facts on Wisconsin public records:

  • The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is the main in-charge for the public records
  • The said office contacts the clerk of court and obtain the legal information for the public
  • Payment for each request should not go beyond $5.00.
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Services offered by the State include:

  • Division of Legal Services – criminal appeals, civil legislation, revenue etc.
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Law Enforcement Services – handles technical and scientific assistance
  • Division of Management Services – handles budget preparation, personnel management, training etc.
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