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West Virginia Criminal Records

West Virginia Criminal Records are preserved and made active for information and research purposes by the registered companies even by the ordinary people. But, searches must come with a valid intention and the applicant must show proof of legal residency. In general, the court or any authorized agencies should grant you the privilege of accessing and viewing the criminal reports. However, if it is yours then it is your right to have it whenever you want it. The state has formed many ways to assist the residents and organizations in the effort to practically compile the mentioned documents.

As a matter of fact, a lot of government-established records offices are on operation to deliver the information more efficiently to those who would want to obtain them. One available legal resource is the West Virginia State Police where you can retrieve the criminal reports from. You only have to complete the Criminal and Crash Report Form and forward it to the Criminal Investigation Reports agency. You can have the form downloaded through the state’s official website. Along with the request would be the fee for the service of which amount depends on how much information is requested.

West Virginia Criminal Records

The State’s Police website also incorporates data on Sex Offender Registry. You can definitely narrow down the search by simply clicking on the County option and type in the name of the offender or the offender’s other personal particulars. You can also try to use the email address of the offender to find more information about him or her. Everyone is assured that the stored details are fresh since the office does the update on a regular basis. Apart from the sex offender data, the webpage also highlights a list of Most Wanted Offenders within the state where you can find mug shots and other specifics.

Another credible source of information would be the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Association where you can dig deeper into current and former inmate updates. It’s simple to use, you only have to type in the offender’s last name to get more reports about the person. State residents will also get to benefit from the West Virginia Division of Corrections which stores files on current prisoners. They also have a list of those who have escaped from jail as well as the absconders. Other reliable sources for criminal records in the state include the Supreme Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts and the Magistrate Courts.

All the said government agencies are useful when you are running a background check on someone or a group of job applicants. It will make anybody feel safer. But, these days, the people are even more protected from these criminals because searches can be done discreetly at home. Yes, it can be accomplished in complete privacy since the legal records can be downloaded from a computer with Internet access. An online records site is the solution and the modern alternative in acquiring the legitimate files in just a few minutes. It comes with a fee for guaranteed and quality results.

West Virginia Criminal Records

The West Virginia State Police provides access to several criminal reports that the public can access including:

  • Criminal/crash report
  • Traffic Safety
  • Sex Offender
  • Most Wanted Offenders

Who are eligible to access these crime records?

  • Convicted cases – open to the public
  • Complete criminal records – authorized entities

West Virginia Criminal Records Background Check

To request for criminal records in the State of Virginia, follow the steps provided:

One can also request for a crime or crash report by following the steps indicated below:

  • Download the Criminal and Crash Report Request Form
  • Indicate the requester’s contact information.
  • Enclose payment of $20 for fee. Accepted payment forms include: money order, certified check or credit card.

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