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Washington Public Records

All the transactions regarding the administration and acquisition of Washington Public Records are governed by the office of Washington State Legislature. They primarily execute the provisions of the existing law which relates to the freedom of information. They both have in place the traditional way of keeping the records and the electronic method of maintaining them. In fact, they have created the Washington State Archives which is being updated through the Internet.

Statistically, almost four million files have already been uploaded into the database for the public’s benefit. Some of these public documents include death, birth, marriage, census, naturalization, military reports and many more official files that the people and entities can make use of in the future. You can absolutely acquire any types of records you need because the State has been governed to be very organized and systematic when it comes to valuable data. Today, not only the State does the update on these files but authorities have ordered the respective Counties too to have their own repositories ready anytime for the residents’ records requests.

Washington Public Records

As per the revised code of Washington, everyone even those that don’t reside in Washington can place an application. More so, unlike the other states, the requesting party will not be asked to state the reasons for requesting the said reports. However, some data that are being kept by the government are not disclosed due to some confidential issues. These restricted files include the identification numbers and personal information, library records, data about endangered wildlife and more. To inquire about what’s available or not available for public viewing you can always keep in touch with the State’s Legislature office.

The cost for requesting the vital records in Washington is a little higher compared to those that are ordered from the other States. Birth, death, marriage and divorce can be acquired at $17.00 per copy. Extra payment will be required when you are going for more copies. They have started documenting the death and birth reports since 1907 while marriage and divorce got recorded since 1968. Those which transpired prior to the said year can be coordinated with the County

Clerk or County Auditor appointed from the various Counties.

These days, the used to be long process is now being cut short with the advancement of modern technology where computers and the Internet have dislodged the old-school approach of obtaining the government records. The entire procedure this time can be executed online in just a few clicks without the need to ask for any help from other people. The most advantageous part brought by this technological development is that searches can be done at home with total privacy. It is introduced with a corresponding payment but the service you get is absolutely way better than ever.

Washington Public Records

Not all public records in Washington are available. The Law prohibits the following from being revealed:

  • Appraisals of Real Estate
  • Library Records
  • Information on State Security
  • Identification numbers and personal numbers
  • Investigation and crime victims
Washington Background Check

The Washington State Legislature covers the rights for the public to retrieve such legal reports:

  • Bill Information
  • Laws and Agency Rules
  • Legislative Information
  • History of State Legislature
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