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Texas Criminal Records

The public has always been empowered by the government to protect themselves from any untoward incidents. As a matter of fact, certain government agencies have been designated to take care of important records pertaining to anybody within the community or State. Texas Criminal Records for instance have been updated for the consumption of any legal citizen to be used in whatever legitimate purposes. Access on such records has been free to all to ensure safety whenever threats come your way.

With this initiative, the residents have the power to identify and investigate on someone who is stalking or maybe someone who behaves suspiciously in the neighbourhood. There is no prohibition or restriction as to who only can retrieve such significant files because a law has been implemented to give anyone the right to search for the historical past of a certain individual. You just need to follow the proper protocol in obtaining the said reports from the assigned law enforcement agency.

Texas Criminal Records

Originally, important documents like those of Criminal Records can be possessed from the local court house or at law enforcement office. The whole process though is very manual since you had to deal with the paper works along the way. You get to make a records retrieval request, fill out forms, pay for the processing fee, complete the given requirements and do constant follow-ups before you finally get the records that you need. With that kind of system, a lot of time and money can be wasted. Others just prefer to take someone to do the job, but it is obviously costly for a fact that you have to pay for that person who does the job.

To get away with the old procedure on How to Obtain the Criminal Records, experts in the field of technology have made it possible to shift the extraction of relevant data from manual to online. This is where the Internet comes in for the whole new way of getting vital information on someone. Web owners have developed sites which are for searching purposes. Some have tied up with government offices for data on criminal records to make their resource more reliable and credible.

Government agencies have their own websites; however, unlike the ones available on the web it is no longer necessary for you to go to an office because you can do it on your own at the comfort of your home. So long as you have computer with Internet connection at home you can definitely pull out important details regarding someone. There are two types for the services though; the paid and the free types of online record services. However, the best option would be to go for the commercial services for they have more accurate and dependable search result which anyone can utilize for whatever circumstances may it be legal or merely for background check reason. Acquiring Texas Criminal Records via Internet is the perfect medium made accessible nowadays.

Texas Criminal Records

Criminal Records in the State of Texas are available from two government agencies:

  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice or TDCJ
  • Texas Department of Public Safety

Records are available through:

  • Phone
  • Mail request
  • Internet or online request

Data available from the Computerized Criminal History or CCH System include:

  • Arrest records
  • Prosecutions/dispositions of cases for Class B misdemeanour
  • Limited data from the Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Criminal Records Background Check/Criminal Records

To be able to access one’s background check, follow the steps provided below:

  • Schedule your fingerprint appointment online and indicate that the purpose is for personal review.
  • Bring a valid ID with photo to the fingerprint service agency.
  • Payment is $9.95 and additional $15 for Criminal history Record information (CHRI).
  • Payment is available through checks, money order (mail) or credit card (online).

To be able to access public criminal records, follow the steps provided below:

  • – Create an account at the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • – Purchase credits through credit card (online) + additional 2.25% for convenience fee and $.50 for use fee.
  • – Purchase credit through mail (credit fee + $1.25 for convenience fee).
  • – Each search costs $3 and 1 credit is equivalent to one search only.

Texas Criminal Records

The access to Texas criminal records database is divided into two categories:

  • – Public – the public site contains criminal records that have conviction results and those that are allowed by the State under Section 411.135 of the State’s Government Code
  • – Secure – the secured site is available for authorized private individuals and those government agencies. These records contain specific criminal history record information as allowed by the Texas Government Code Section 411.

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