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South Carolina Criminal Records

People tend to worry about their safety, especially because criminal activities seem to occur everywhere nowadays. Fortunately, several precautionary measures are provided by the government so people can avoid getting harmed. For instance, South Carolina Criminal Records are made open for everyone to see and use for any kind of investigation on someone. With the availability of this information, running a criminal background check on a person is hassle-free and quick.

A criminal document can give you a lot of details about a certain individual. It can reveal if the person was engaged in any unlawful acts in the past. It discloses the type of offense a person had committed, sentencing, the time and place where the incident happened and more. Hence, with the right criminal account on hand, finding out if someone is harmful or not is now viable.

South Carolina Criminal Records

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) controls the Crime Information Center, which is composed of three agencies; namely, the Uniform Crime Reports Section, the Central Records Repository and the CJIS Training Unit. Requesting by mail is accepted by SLED, but only for requests that require certification or notarization. The SLED CATCH, on the other hand, is an online system designed by the state to let individuals and entities perform name-based searches.

To get the desired data, an applicant must fill out the Criminal Records Check form with the name of the person being searched for and his date of birth. A search fee of $25 per name must also be remunerated. In this State, only those arrest and conviction records are deemed as public records and are accessible by everyone. Complete criminal files, which include dismissed charges and acquittals, are only given to authorized law enforcers.

Obtaining the facts you need about someone no longer have to be laborious these days. With the advancement in the Internet, this endeavor can now be achieved in just minutes. Plus, the entire procedure can already be done at the shelter of your own home or office so long as you have access to an online computer. In searching online, one must enter bits of data about the subject, pay a small cost and receive results in an instant.

A complete Criminal Background Check is frequently performed by various employers to prospective employees these days. This process can greatly help in choosing the right people to work in the company. For trusted and faster results, carrying out background investigations is better done through a paid service provider online.

South Carolina Criminal Records

Criminal background checks in the State of South Carolina can be requested in several ways:

  • SLED CATCH Online
  • Mail request made to the SLED Records Department

South Carolina Criminal Records Background Check

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division or SLED serves as the central database of all crimes committed in the State. For those who wish to make a background check or do criminal history record screening, follow the steps below:

To get hold of arrest records in the State of South Carolina, follow the instructions below:

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