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Santa Clara County Public Records

Public records are often the only types of records that are acceptable in court proceedings. This is because there is the connotation that these records could not be faked or the authenticity thereof could not be questioned, and this is the same presumption that the law had when it required that public records are the best type of records in court proceedings. The papers that form part of the Santa Clara County Public Records, however, are not limited in their uses only in courts. Public records find much uses not only in public proceedings, but also in private transactions. After all, the presumption that these records are original is a powerful one; thus, a person who wishes to purchase a parcel of land may first require the seller to produce a public record certifying that the seller is, indeed, the owner of the property in question.

There are two types of records under the umbrella of public records, vital records and non-vital records. A person who wishes to request for either of these could only get their hands on copies of the same, thus, it is important to note that there are two types of copies for vital records known as informational copies and authorized copies. Although they have the same information on their faces, they are different, as informational copies could not actually be used to establish identity while authorized copies are only available for a select few who are included in an exclusive list. Also note that non-vital record copies do not have the same classification. Finally, note that there are two sources of public records, the state level and the county level.

Santa Clara County Public Records

Searching for vital records at the state level is the same as searching for it at the county level, the difference being the department concerned. State level searches for vital records are the province of the California Department of Public Health, while county level vital records searches are the responsibility of the office of the clerk-recorder. That being said, the procedure is the same and starts with the searcher first downloading a request form from the website of either the department or the office and filling up the same. Note that in state level searches, requests for informational or authorized copies have different forms. Note as well that, in county level searches, the form, in particular the sworn statement on the second page, must be notarized when requesting for an authorized copy. The final requirement would be the money order to correspond to the required fee which range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars at both the state and the county level.

Non-vital records requests could only be conducted through the office of the clerk-recorder, as the state level has no copies of the same. State law limits the information that a government entity could place online, thus, there is currently no other option but for the searcher to go to the office and do the search manually or with the assistance of a clerk. Either way, once the record had been located, copies could be made for the searcher after paying the required fee which stands at one dollar per page of the document.

Another source of public records would be online databases. There are a number of online database that have the same information as the two offices mentioned above, but searching in these databases are not only faster and more efficient, they could actually be conducted without the searcher falling in line or even leaving his or her house. In addition, most of these databases actually provide their information for free.

Santa Clara County Public Court Records Access

The procedure to request for a vital record at the county level is given below

  • Visit the website of the office of the clerk-recorder and download the form for the record that you wish to request for.
  • Fill up the form. Note that the blank sworn statement is part of the form, but the same only has to be notarized if requesting for an authorized copy.
  • Determine the required fee in accordance with the schedule of fees of the office.
  • Make a money order to correspond to the same fee and attach it with the request.
  • Send the request form together with all requirements to the office for processing.

Santa Clara County Public Court Records Free Access
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