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Santa Barbara County Public Records

It is easy to see the reason behind the fact that public records are considered to be as such, meaning, that they should be available to the public at all times. The requirements of both the law and practicality both require that the collection of records known as the Santa Barbara County Public Records be made available to the public at all times. This is because public records contain information that is so important to the everyday transactions and processes that involve public and private interest. Take, for example, a person who wishes to apply for a job. Said person would be required to actually present his birth certificate to prove who he is, rather than just appearing before his prospective boss for an interview. Some would actually ask him to prove that he does not have a criminal past, hence, not only court and arrest records, but perhaps even a certification to prove the same.

The same requirement of practicality meant that a person who wishes to have the records would have to be contented with copies of the same. The originals, after all, have to be kept at the central repository, or wherever they are, because in the future, someone else might need it. Thus, it is important to note the two types of copies of public records, and these two types are known as informational and authorized copies. In general, the contents of the two are the same, but informational copies could not establish identity while authorized copies are available only to people identified by an exclusive list. Note further that these two types of copies are applicable only for copies of vital records, as non-vital records are just classified as copies.

To request for a copy of a vital record, a searcher has two options, he could either request for a copy at the county level through the office of the clerk-recorder or he could request for a copy at the state level through the California Department of Public Health. In general, the procedure for both levels is the same. First, the searcher would have to download the relevant form from the website of either the office or the department and fill the same up. At the state level, the difference between informational and authorized copies means that there are two forms to choose from, so the searcher has to be careful. At the office level, however, there is only one form, though note that the blank sworn statement at the second page of the form would also have to be completed and notarized if authorized copies would be requested. Once complete, the form, together with a money order to correspond to the fee, should be sent to either the office or the department for processing. Fees range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars.

Santa Barbara County Public Records

Non-vital records could only be requested at the county level, meaning, the office of the clerk-recorder. To request for a copy, one must actually go to the office and make the request there as there is currently no online request method in place at the office. Either the clerk or the searcher could do the search, but once the record had been located, a copy of the same could be requested for and this would be made after the searcher had paid the required fee which is one dollar per page.

Over the past few years, another method of searching for public records had slowly become more popular. These would be internet searches, or searches done using online databases. An undeterminable number of online database that contained the same information as the two offices mentioned above proliferate the World Wide Web, and not only are they faster and more efficient, most of them actually do not charge anything when a person use their database. They also do not require lines or for the searcher to actually leave his home in order to conduct the search.

Santa Barbara County Clerk Of Court Public Records

The procedure to request for authorized vital record copies via mail is provided below

  • Visit the website of the office of the clerk-recorder and download the relevant form
  • Fill up the form with all the information requested including the blank sworn statement. Indicate on the form that you are requesting for an authorized copy by checking the box provided for the same.
  • Have the filled up sworn statement notarized.
  • Determine the fee required in accordance with the schedule of fees and make a money order payable to the clerk to correspond to the same.
  • Make a self-addressed envelope and have the same stamped before attaching it with the request.
  • Send all requirements to the office for processing.

Santa Barbara County Public Court Records Free Access
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