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San Luis Obispo Public Records

Public records are those kinds of records that are considered to be so important that they must be available to the public at all times, provided that the requirements set by law as to their availability had been met. Most public records are important because they establish something, such as the identity of a person who wishes to apply for a passport through his birth certificate, or the identity of a person who claims to be the owner of a certain parcel of land through a property certificate. Thus, it is easy to see why the papers that are part of the collection known as the San Luis Obispo Public Records are important to the public, and thus, the requirements of the law and practicality made these records available to the public at all times.

In general, public records are classified either as vital records or non-vital records. The originals of either type are kept within the archive and are not available to the public, but copies could be made. In this regard, it is important to note the two classes of vital records copies known either as informational or authorized copies. The two types actually contain the same information, but informational copies could not be used to establish identity as they are available for the general public and could actually facilitate identity theft, and authorized copies are not available to the general public as they do establish the identity of a person.

San Luis Obispo County Public Records

Vital records searches may be done either through the county level or the state level. State level searches are the province of the California Department of Public Health while county level searches are the responsibility of the county office of the clerk-recorder. Either way, the procedure is almost the same, with the searcher first downloading a request form, either from the department or from the office, and completing the same. Once the form is completed, it must be sent to either the office or department for processing. Note that for state level searches, the request form must be accompanied by the notarized sworn statement that is also downloaded from the state website. For county level searches, the sworn statement is actually attached to the form. For both levels, there is no need to have the statement notarized if the searcher is just requesting for an informational copy. The form to be sent must be accompanied by the required fee in the form of a money order, and the fees at both level stand at the same, ranging from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars.

Non-vital records searches may be conducted only at the county level, meaning, the office of the clerk-recorder. Non-vital records searches must be conducted manually, however, which means that the searcher would first have to visit the office of the clerk-recorder and do the search there. Once there, the searcher may also asked assistance from a clerk, and, if so desired, he could request that a copy of the record that he had requested for be made. The fee for the same is one dollar per page, plus two dollars for certification.

Another source of public records would be online databases. There are a number of online database that are helpful in this endeavor and they are easy to locate and use even if they do provide the same information as the two offices mentioned above. Unlike the two offices, however, searches using these databases come with a number of advantages, foremost of which is that they are faster and more efficient. Online databases also almost always do not charge anything for their use, and because they are done using the internet, not only are the searchers not required to fall in line, most of them do not even leave their homes.

San Luis Obispo County Clerk Of Court Public Records

The procedure to request for non-vital records at the county level is given below

  • Visit the Office of the Clerk-Recorder and request permission to view the archives. Note that permission is almost never denied.
  • You may search the archives yourself or you may ask a clerk to assist you.
  • Once the records had been located, you may request for a copy of the same.
  • You would be directed to the cashier where you would be asked to pay the required fee in accordance with the schedule of fees of the office.
  • You may also want to pay the certification fee at this point.
  • The cashier will issue a receipt which you must show to the clerk copying the record.
  • The clerk would certify the receipt and give you your record.
  • You may ask for the copy to be certified.
  • If you have not paid for it yet, you would be directed to the cashier to pay the certification fee.

San Luis Obispo County Public Court Records Free Access
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