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Sacramento County Public Records

Often the best proof available in any official proceeding, the importance of public records had, over the past few years, skyrocketed. There is actually a very obvious reason as to this sudden rise in importance. The advent of many technological advances had made copying and producing of these records faster, while streamlined government processes had made them easier to acquire. Not to mention the increase awareness in terms of security on the part of ordinary citizens. Public records remain the best evidence to prove the existence of someone or something, and with these taken into consideration, it is not that difficult to see why public records, such as those included in the Sacramento County Public Records, are of such importance.

Public records are often sourced from two general sources, at the state level and at the county level. There are also two types of public records, vital records and non-vital records, with vital record copies classified into either informational or authorized copies. Note that while the information contained within these two types are the same, informational copies are easier to procure, but they could not establish identity while the opposite is true for authorized copies that are available only if the person requesting for them is amongst those identified by an exclusive list.

County level searches are conducted through a number of local offices, but in general, all public records may be found with the Office of the Clerk-Recorder. At this level, both vital records and non-vital records may be requested, though there is a different procedure for both that the person requesting for the records must first follow.

Sacramento County Public Records

Searches for vital records at this level involved the searcher first downloading a request form from the website of the clerk-recorder. This form has an attached blank sworn statement that must also be filled along with the request form. The sworn statement need not be notarized if the searcher is not requesting for an authorized copy. If an authorized copy is being requested, this must be notarized. Either way, once the form, or forms, has been completed, the next task would be to determine the required fee and to make a money order to correspond to the same. At this level, fees range from twenty eight dollars to fifteen dollars. Once completed, the requirements may be sent personally or via mail to the clerk for processing.

Non-vital records are sourced differently, and would require the searcher to actually go to the physical office in order to request permission to look into the archives there. Once permission had been given, the searcher may either search the records himself or he may ask te clerk to do it for him. Either way, once the records had been located, copies of the same could be requested after paying the copying fee which is one dollar per regular sized page.
For those who require the records as fast as possible, the fastest way to search for records would be to look for them online. In this regard, there are a number of online databases that may be of assistance. Online databases typically contain the same information as the offices mentioned above, but unlike those offices, online databases frequently provide their information for free. Searches using these databases are also faster and more efficient, and because they are done over the wire, internet searches are fast and do not require the searcher to either fall in line or to leave their homes.

Sacramento County Clerk Of Court Public Records

The procedure below relates to requests for vital records at the office of the clerk-recorder

  • Determine first the method that you wish to use in order to request the record.
  • Should you wish to obtain the record in person, the procedure is as follows.
  • Visit the Office of the Clerk-Recorder
  • Fill up an application form which would be given to you. Authorized copy request would require you to present a valid Government Issue Photo ID.
  • Wait for twenty minutes for processing.
  • Pay the required fee before presenting the receipt to the clerk so that you may pick up your copy.
  • Should you wish to obtain either via mail or fax, the procedure is as follows
  • Download the application form from the website of the clerk-recorder.
  • Fill up the application form and have the sworn statement notarized after completing the same.
  • Determine the required fee and make a money order to correspond to the same.
  • You could either mail all of the requirements to the office or fax the same.
  • Wait for two weeks for processing.

Sacramento County Public Court Records Free Access
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