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Rhode Island Public Records

The Secretary of State is the main person to get in touch with when making inquiries on the Rhode Island Public Records. As per ruling of the governing body, these records are kept and maintained through the Rhode Island State Archives which is spearheaded by the Secretary of State. Any requests will be accommodated as per mandate of the existing law. The residents clearly have the right to complain in times when their requests are not entertained. More so, a separate Public Records Administration has been formed as well as the Local Government Records Program to facilitate the same services to the people.

Before you get started with the search it is important that you are aware of the law being implemented within the State. The law is called Access to Public Records Act which outlines all the scopes and limitations of the said constitution. The residents should also know that these reports can be both acquired online and offline depending on which medium would be much easier for the people to perform. But today, the state government has suggested an online records provider to be a convenient channel in terms of information retrieval.

Rhode Island Public Records

Technically, public records cover a lot of government-archived reports. In fact, they are governed by various offices and agencies to make things more organized. Some of these government agencies include the family court, legal court, State Records Center, State Archives, County Courthouse and a lot more government-formed organizations. All these agencies have also applied the advancement of modern technology into their systems by creating an online records repository for a much more straightforward access. It has even widely implemented within the State by instructing the County officials to create their own databases so that the people will no longer have to make a trip to the State’s main records office.

The Vital Records in Rhode Island can be requested at $15.00 for each copy except for the divorce certificates which can only be ordered at $3.00 per request. The Rhode Island Department of Health, Office of Vital Records would be the place to go to when looking for these vital documents. However, for marriage and divorce records, individuals are advised to visit the Clerk of Family Court from the county where marriage and divorce happened. The State has authorized each county to review any requests and provide the information when necessary.

In this modern time people are no longer just limited to the manual ways of acquiring the public documents. Instead, individuals are blessed with the birth of an online records solution which caters not only fast service but also quality results for whatever purposes. The Internet is the key this time to reclaim the records in no time. Plus, it can be discreetly possessed at home anytime because you only need an Internet access to execute the search.

Rhode Island Public Records

Quick facts on Rhode Island public records:

  • Access To Public Records Act allows citizen to request such reports
  • The Secretary of State administers on these records
  • The records are obtainable both online and offline
  • The application comes with a corresponding fee

Rhode Island Background Check

Locations to go to when ordering the said reports:

  • Legal Court
  • Family Court
  • State Records Center
  • State Archives
  • County Courthouses
  • Department of Health

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