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Public Divorce Records

Thanks to the Internet, public records are now available for the public to search through in the privacy of their homes or office and without having to wait forever for an answer from a state’s vital records departments. There are many reasons why you may want to search through public divorce records.

One reason to search for a public divorce record is to prove that you were once married or have been granted a legal divorce. You may want the record to prove that someone you know is divorced – such as a love interest. Genealogy research is another reason that public divorce records are popular today.

Public Divorce Records

More people than ever are searching through various public records to find background information on parents, grandparents, place of birth and other important data that could be vital in helping to plot a family tree. The Freedom of Information Act helped to spur on the public access to vital records, but after it was passed states came up with their own methods to keep some parts of the records private.

Rules and regulations such as proving you have a relationship with the person listed on the records is one rule. Also, when you request a record from the state in which the divorce was granted, you’ll only receive certain details of the record. The state may deem that some parts are private and can be seen only by the parties involved.

You can bypass the hassle of receiving a public divorce record from the state by using one of the private search sites available on the Internet. These search sites charge a one-time fee to perform a search on the person whose records you want to see. Simply enter some basic information about the person in question, submit and wait for the answer. You’ll usually receive a reply within a few minutes – and it will be a full report of the divorce records – not sketchy information such as a state-based search might yield.

When using a private, online search site, you will likely receive information that you would never see from a state-based search. Data such as alimony, assets, child custody and the stated reason for the divorce will likely be on the report. These private sites aren’t restricted by the laws the state may have enacted and know how to use the search engines to find the information you need.

Private search sites use powerful search engines and incredibly detailed databases that reach far beyond the state in which the divorce took place. Private searches are the choice of genealogists and legal professionals who need detailed, accurate and timely information that comes to them fast and complete. Many professionals use the search sites every day and maintain monthly memberships, but you can also use them for a one-time search.

Your payment data is encrypted, so there are no worries about anyone else knowing that it was you who requested the public divorce record search. Click on the link we’ve provided to discover how a private, online search site can help you find a public divorce record.

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