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Placer County Public Records

It is sometimes hard to imagine life without records. The information contained within these records are so vital and so important they these very records are actually considered to be available to the public at all times, but subject to the restrictions imposed by law. To understand the importance of these records, one must first understand the information contained within the four corners of these papers. Information that could establish something are written on the face of these documents, and this is one of the reasons why Placer County Public Records are so important. The said documents are definitely of great worth for any legal matters and use. Said person would first have to establish the fact that he is actually who he say he is, hence, the requirement for a birth certificate. Thus, these records could actually prove the existence of someone.

There are two classifications of public records in general, vital records and non-vital records. For these two classifications, only copies could be made, but for vital records, there are two classes of copies, informational copies and authorized copies. Although the two classes provide the same information, they differ in the way that they are used and acquired. Informational copies could not be used to establish identity as it is available to any person, while authorized copies could not be acquired by just about anyone because they could establish identity and could be used to steal the same. In general, there are also two sources of public records, at the state level and at the county level.

Placer County Public Records

County level searches are conducted through the office of the clerk-recorder and the office has copies of both vital and non-vital records. The procedure for the two differ given the relative more importance of vital records, but for vital records, the procedure is started with the searcher first downloading the relevant form from the website of the office and filling the same up. Note that there is a blank sworn statement on the second page of the document. This must be filled up regardless of the type of copy that the searcher is going to request for, but it must only be notarized for authorized copies. Once completed, the searcher must determine the fee and attach a money order to his request form to correspond to the fee. At this level, fees range from twenty eight dollars to eleven dollars.

Non-vital records searches at the county level are also conducted at this office, but there is currently no online database that could be used. As such, searches for non-vital records had to be done manually, with the searcher first appearing before the office of the clerk-recorder and actually searching for the record himself or asking the clerk to do the search. Once the record had been located, the searcher may ask for a copy of the same and pay the required fee which is one dollar per page.

State-level searches are conducted through the California Department of Public Health. At this level, only vital records are available and the procedure is the same as the county level vital records search. Of course, the forms are different and have to be downloaded from the website of the department instead. Note also that informational and authorized copies use different forms. At this level, the fees range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars.

The World Wide Web, in the form of online databases, is a non-traditional source of public records. Easier to find and even easier to use, these online databases have the same information as the two government agencies mentioned above, but they are faster and more efficient with their searches and most of them provide their information for free. As these are internet searches, there is no need to either fall in line or to leave the house in order to do the search.

Placer County Public Court Records Access

The procedure below is how to request for vital records at the county-level.

  • Download the form from the office of the clerk-recorder
  • Fill up the same including the blank sworn statement on the second page. Note that this does not have to be notarized, unless you are requesting for an authorized copy.
  • Determine the required fee in accordance with the Schedule of Fees of the office.
  • Make a money order, payable to the clerk, to answer for the required fee.
  • Take an envelope and self-address the same before having it stamped and attached to your application.
  • Send all requirements to the office of the clerk-recorder for processing.

Placer County Public Court Records Free Access
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