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Nueces County Public Records

Records are extremely beneficial in handful of purposes. Whether you are an employer hiring for applicants or someone who is going to marry, records can be a gold mine to you as it can shed light to very valuable and crucial information. Fortunately, in the State of Texas, most records are deemed public. This is in accordance with the state’s Public Information Act which is previously referred to as the Open Records Act. This Act, which is under the Texas Government Code, provides a means for Texans to review and access any of the state’s public archives.

The Lone Star State’s public archives consist of records pertaining to births, deaths, marriages and divorces; arrests and criminal records; and driver records as well. These documents are housed in different agencies tapped by the state’s government. For vital records, they are housed at the Vital Records Unit of the Texas Department of State Health Services. Such unit is the entity responsible for catering all requests pertaining to birth and death certificates as well as documents regarding adoptions. For copies of marriage and divorce records, however, they have to be locally obtained through the Nueces County Clerk’s Office. Birth certificate costs $22, death testaments costs $20, and marriage and divorce decrees cost $20 each copy.

Nueces County Public Records

For documents pertaining to wrongdoings such as misdemeanors or grave ones like felonies, they can be procured through the Nueces County Sheriffs’ Office and through the Law Enforcement Department of the Division of Criminal Justice. Arrest records and criminal conviction documents serve to be very helpful especially when it comes to delving into the shady past of anyone in question. Knowing a certain person’s propensity to commit any ruthless action is very helpful. This is a surefire way to protect yourself and your loved ones as well. In business, it is very important that employers screen their applicants to avoid any untoward incidences. Aside from the fact that time equals money in the world of business, the welfare of the business itself as well as its people are paramount.

Doing a criminal background search in Nueces County can be done through name or fingerprint. The latter is of course more accurate and reliable. Name-based criminal record search only costs $10 whereas the fingerprint-based search requires a fee of $15. It is very important that as you file your entreaty, you are specific as to what information you wish to obtain. Also, providing as much necessary information as you can will be very helpful in narrowing down results thereby locating the record you need faster and easier. All these documents, fortunately, are open to the general public because of the Open Records Act. Judicial records, on the other hand, should you need them, must be requested by petitioning the court in writing. Either the court decides to grant you access to such records or not, you will get notified though.

Today with the advanced technological innovations, record management has already made its way to the next level. Now, with the advent of the Internet and the existence of computers, records are managed more efficiently. What’s more, even records retrieval can already be done in the easiest and quickest way possible which is through online. Online record providers area available all over the Web to provide individuals with a much better means of obtaining any Nueces County public records and other legal documents as well through their state-wide database.

Nueces County Court Records

The steps outlined below are what you can follow should you wish to file a request for any Nueces County public records:

  • Download the request or application form specific for the record you wish to procure. Complete the form in its entirety with all the details asked.
  • For marriage and divorce decrees, indicating the complete names of the couple is necessary. You also have to specify the date and county where the event transpired.
  • For death certificates, provide the complete name of the decedent, date and county of birth, spouse’s name, parents’ name, and the social security number if known.
  • For arrest and criminal records, the complete legal name of the person whose background is investigated must be provided as. Any known aliases must also be indicated. You also have to identify the last known address as well as the social security number if available.

Nueces County Court Records Public Access

Additional details with regard to the procurement procedure of Nueces County public records and the applicable laws can be found in the following resources:

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