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North Carolina Criminal Records

If you’re doubtful about how a resident of North Carolina is acting, then don’t hesitate to delve into North Carolina Criminal Records. Recent statistics shows a fast-growing crime rate in this particular nation. That simply implies that the society is not getting any safer these days and those criminals may be just around the corner. To avoid certain problems to occur, it pays to thoroughly investigate someone’s background before trusting him or her.

At present, North Carolina State offers access to various documents that citizens can take advantage of. First of all, it has sex offender registries (SORs) online for individuals wanting to obtain accounts on sex-related cases. However, the data contained in these registries are limited and are not available in all states. Also accessible in this region are criminal records, which include convictions and arrests, as well as child abuse registry.

North Carolina Criminal Records

The Criminal History Record Information section of this State is directed by the State Bureau of Investigation, a division of the Department of Justice. This governmental agency is North Carolina’s central repository for criminal records. In this office, searches can be done by State Name Check or State Fingerprint Check.

A certain restriction is set by the state government with regard to accessing a person’s Criminal Documents. The SBI authorized individuals to get the “Right to Review” their personal files; however, full accounts, including all arrests, convictions, dispositions and pending charges, are only released to the law enforcement and approved agencies. Public criminal records can be ordered by the citizens, though, at the local Clerk of Court; not through SBI.

A Web-based database is likewise offered by SBI for individuals to access the needed data. Normally, it encloses the following details: felony charges that have been reported by fingerprints since 1982, most serious misdemeanors that have been reported by fingerprints, custody information and national wanted persons. The information per se is given for no cost at all, but charges may be required for printing the search results.

Several private record providers also abound over the Internet these days to give out Free Criminal Records. Compared to the previous methods, searching online entails no more formalities and paperworks to comply with. The online search method is by far the quickest and easiest way to find that most-wanted data without wasting too much money and effort. Commercial service providers online are grouped into two: free and fee-based. Nevertheless, the latter is your best pick if you care about reliability of information.

North Carolina Criminal Records
Criminal reports are available from different government agencies including:

  • Clerk of Superior Court Office
  • State Bureau of Investigation

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