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New Mexico Public Records

The New Mexico Department of Health under the Bureau of Vital Records has been tasked to keep all the public records and release them to anyone who deserves to obtain a copy of it. Today, not only the main State office is doing the update on these records but also the respective counties as per mandate of the existing law which governs over these public documents. New Mexico Public Records are technically provided to people as their right to know certain information more especially if it is for the protection of everybody.

Apart from the Bureau of Vital Records, you can also go to the State’s commission of public records office. There’s a lot being covered by the public records. Thus, you need to be more specific as to what type of record you wanted to request on. The basic requirements include a formal letter of request, the supporting documents showing your legal residency and a valid government-issued ID. Plus, it is very important that you have a legitimate reason for placing the application.

To ensure that the people get to exercise the right given to them the State has implemented the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act for the residents and government officials to adhere to. While most of the public records can be accessed, others cannot be divulged to individuals for some special reasons. The records that can’t be requested are the medical, student, tax and lawyer records. For more information on what you can request and what you can’t you should visit the Bureau of Vital Records for inquiries.

New Mexico Public Records

Birth certificates can be requested at $10.00 for each request. An additional amount of money will be asked if you opt to demand for more copies. Death records on another note can be obtained at $5.00 per copy, plus an extra fee for more copies being ordered for. Also, the marriage and divorce records rates vary according to the rates agreed on from the different counties under New Mexico. People can direct the application to the county clerks assigned where the marriage license and divorce were granted.

But today, the modern trend of doing the request has shifted to an online records provider. In other words, people no longer have to visit any of the government agencies but to go straight online for records information. No more requirements to complete and no more waiting in line for the results. Instead, you can stay at home, sit in front of your computer and download the data on a specific public record you need in a few minutes. It is indeed very safe because nobody else would know that you are investigating on someone because the search is privately done. This professional service comes with a fee but totally 100% reliable and guaranteed to be useful in whatever circumstances.

New Mexico Public Records
These public files are accessible except for the following records;

  • medical records
  • arrest records
  • classified court proceedings
  • letters of recommendation
  • trade secrets

New Mexico Background Check

Process in the procurement of a public record:

  • You don’t have to inform the Court of Clerk why you are requesting for such a record
  • Applications can be made through walk-in or mail
  • If you prefer to email it, you will get a notice from the office that your application was received
  • In the application you should include the following; payment as per ruling in each state, legal identification to show proof of that you are a legitimate citizen of the said State, and you must mention your relationship of the names stipulated on the record

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