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Nevada Marriage Records

The Nevada marriage records can only be requested from the respective counties as per ruling of the state. Each county has a recorder whose main function is to compile the vital records like marriage and assist those who are in search for such public documents. But, one must be certain that the license was procured from such a county to be able to find the actual records. According to a report, there were compilations of marital files back in 1911 but the details were incomplete. The reports were only made more organized in 1968 up to this time.

So, if you are looking for the said data you should place a written request addressed to the county recorder. Only the basic information of the names on the record will be required plus the date of marriage and its location. If you are not certain about the date you just make an estimate. For this request you need to prepare $10.00 for each name that you are going to be searching. Nevada has meticulously preserved so much information about marriage. Thus, anyone who is doing the research about someone else’s marriage can definitely collect a lot of data for whatever legal purposes.

Nevada Marriage Records

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The first thing that you must know is to find-out which county the marriage certificate is compiled. The State Vital Records office will show you a list of all the counties where the records are possibly maintained. You only need to provide the basic details of the couple and pay the amount of $8.00 for each copy via check or money order. From there, you can go ahead and check out the list of Nevada County Recorders. The State only holds an index of Nevada marriages since 1965. They can only tell you whether or not such a marriage happened.

In other words, only the county recorders have the authority to divulge the details on marriage. This means that searches have to be executed at the county level. You only have to process your application according to the standard operating procedure being implemented by the county records officials. They are actually for free as public records; you are only paying for the service charge which should be just affordable to anybody’s budget. However, you got to wait for a few days before the results are turned in since the entire process is done manually.

Good thing that the residents in Nevada now have the amazing option of dwelling into an online record provider. With this shift from offline to online these legal records can be obtained instantly and hassle-free. This dramatic change has indeed result to a positive impact to those who are hunting for data on marriage. So long as you have a computer and Internet at home you can for sure retrieve the reports you need discreetly in no time. The cost to be paid is worth the quality of information to be retrieved.

Nevada Marriage Records

Marriage records in the State of Nevada are available from several places:

  • Nevada Division of Public Health Office of Vital Statistics – marriage indexes
  • County Recorder Office – certified marriage certificates

Nevada Background Check

To get a marriage index from the Vital Office, follow the steps provided below:

  • Visit the Office of Vital Statistics Site
  • Make a request to the Office and include all the important information
  • Make payment of $10 in check or money order

To get a certified copy of marriage certificates, follow the steps below:

Nevada Vital Records

The office of Vital Statistics maintains a database where one can find vital records such as birth, death, marriage and divorce. Although the Office can issue birth and death certificates, it is restricted from issuing marriage and divorce certificates.

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