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Montgomery County Divorce Records

It is a proven fact that the disappointments and other negative energies in a dysfunctional marriage hurts, that all efforts to repair it is already futile. However, despite the tremendous periods of time spent on grieving, there is hope for a new beginning right around the corner. Scenarios such as these happen in two out of three marriages in the United States, and it has been like that in recent years.

Divorce records contain every detail about the completed and approved divorce process, making it a very effective tool in most legal processes. More importantly, their main purpose is to officially declare the dissolution of marriage legal, after the approval of an arbiter in a Court of Law. Furthermore, the rich source of information contained within these documents make them excellent reference materials in performing background checks, especially if an individual is contemplating about remarrying. On a more important note, divorce records are sought by remarrying persons because the issuance of a new marriage license relies on whether or not you can prove the legality of your divorce.

Montgomery County Divorce Records

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Across the county, countless regulations are implemented with regards to the dissemination of divorce records and other public documents. As per Texas State Laws, divorce records are archived and distributed on a county level. The county-based agency responsible for this is the Office of the District Clerk. The acquisition of divorce records is open to the general public, as they are public documents.

Requesting Montgomery County divorce records can be done via personal appointment or via mail. To proceed with the search, simply accomplish a Request for Copies form that can be downloaded from the official website of the Office of the District Clerk. Complete the necessary fields in the form, along with the basic details of the marriage, and your contact and mailing details. A standard $1.00 copy fee per page is charged per individual request for both certified and uncertified copies of a divorce record. Processing times is dependent upon the amount of requests the District Clerk’s office is getting. This office holds civil, family, felony and delinquent tax files from the year 1900 to the present.

To confirm if the divorce you’re looking for is registered in the State of Texas, you can request for a copy of verification letters for divorce from the Texas Department of State Health Services. Simply send a request containing pertinent information about the marriage such as the full names of the persons involved, along with the wife’s maiden name, the city or county the divorce was filed, the exact date or a range of dates the divorce was filed, and the ages of both the husband and the wife upon filing the divorce.

The Internet nowadays has become more than just a medium for communication. With the never-ending pursuit of convenience, almost all merchandises and amenities known to man are now available online and subsequently delivered the next day. The same concept is true for divorce and other public records, and is made possible by the concerned government agencies and authorized companies that offer records retrieval. With these innovations, the records about a person you’re pursuing can now be obtained at the soonest possible time.

Montgomery County Divorce Records

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