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Mississippi Public Records

Online retrieval of Mississippi Public Records is no longer foreign to people in the State because it is already widely practiced by them. Thus, searching for legal reports comes in very convenient as the residents actually have the option to go online to pull-up the files. In fact the government itself has developed a resourceful site public files which is maintained by the State’s Department of Health for details that relate to vital records. With this online archive, individuals will get to have an overview as to what type of records they can obtain and how they are going to proceed with the request.

Nevertheless, those who still prefer doing the search physically at the government agencies can still certainly do so. The Public Records Act permits anyone to access and view the legitimate records but only if the intention is good or in other words the reasons for making the request are valid. There will be governing bodies that will review and determine whether or not such an application would get the go signal for records retrieval. Technically, there are provisions applied to some records which cannot be divulged to public on certain grounds. So, as an applicant you should respect and obey the law.

Mississippi Public Records

The State has created an official website which holds the important pieces of information regarding the public records. They include data and information collected with its usage, contact information, personal information and other significant specifics. If you want to know more about the State and its services you can always explore the State’s official records site. This link provides you with helpful inputs as to the overall system and governance of the State of Mississippi. The officials are dedicated to their jobs to give the residents the utmost service which the people are looking forward to.

In regards to the vital records, death and marriage records can be requested at $10.00 for each copy. Additional payment will be asked if the requesting party deems to get more copies. The State started the documentation in 1912 and 1926 respectively which means that you get to gather more data because of the huge database that they were able to preserve and update until now. On the other hand, birth reports cost $12.00 each and for divorce it actually varies depending on the charge being asked per county. County clerks usually have these vital records maintained, so you got to approach the appointed person if you are to do the search locally.

All these processes of acquiring the said public records are doable. However, if you wanted it quick and simple, a web-based records solution would be an excellent pick. With this modern alternative you will no longer have to make a formal request addressed to a particular government office. Instead, you go ahead and hit the keys of your computer and grab the results in no time. You can for sure download the information at home or wherever you feel most comfortable of doing the search. Plus, it can be done anytime because it is channelled through the Internet. The cost would not be much of a burden to you because the results can be leveraged in different ways.

Mississippi Divorce Records

Mississippi Divorce Records are available for access to the public via several agencies:

  • Verification of Divorce/Index – State Vital Record Office
  • Certified Copies of Divorce – Chancery Clerk Office

Mississippi Divorce Background Check

To request for verification of divorce records, follow the procedure below:

  • Visit the State Vital Record Office website
  • Send in a written request and include the following information:
    • the name of the parties
    • date of the divorce
  • county where the divorce was granted
  • Enclose $15 for search fee in certified check or money order
  • Requestors can also directly contact the Chancery Clerk Office if they wish to get hold of certified copies of the divorce report.

Mississippi Vital Records

The Vital Office Records of the State of Mississippi maintains divorce, death, birth and marriage records that the public can access. Records available from the Office are as follows:

  • Birth Records – 1912 up to present
  • Marriage Records – 1926-1938 and 1942 up to the present
  • Divorce Records – 1026 to 1938 and 1942 up to the present

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