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Minnesota Criminal Records

The government of Minnesota has never been left behind with the advancement of modern technology. The said state can now feature the Minnesota Criminal Records using a website just like the other states in America. They have successfully moved all the criminal files into a computer database and managed to upload it online so anyone can view the legal reports through the Internet. It’s amazing because searching would mean very handy and convenient for the residents to do. However, take note that the criminal data will only be made available within 15 years, longer than that, the information will be removed.

On the other hand, if you are going to request it using the traditional method then you have to visit the county courthouse to check on the possible records of someone. This usually happens with employers who are conducting a background check on applicants. But, as a rule, anybody who is applying to access the said documents should ask for consent from the person you are trying to know more about. If the person does not allow you to view his or her past records then you cannot proceed to make the request. When you really need to obtain the criminal reports for legal uses then you will need to appeal to the officiating court for approval.

Minnesota Criminal Records

On the other note, if you had criminal records and you wanted it to be sealed the process would be called expungement. But this does not mean that your records will be taken away, it will only be hidden or be made confidential so others won’t be able to view it or request for it. It’s hard to trust someone whom you just barely met. It’s dangerous more especially when you are doing business with someone who might end-up taking your money away from you and you realized you were just being deceived. A lot of these instances occur nowadays, that’s why everyone must be prepared in dealing with these kinds of illegal activities.

Checking on the history of an individual is one best remedy to learn the truth. This is the major reason why Minnesota has taken seriously the keeping of criminal records. Over time, they have formed the Minnesota Justice Information Service to cater all the online services like the giving out of data on criminals. But, you will have to pay for the processing charge at $8.00 per copy. The respective counties are also ordered to maintain a database on legal records for better accessibility of the county residents.

Luckily, everyone should rejoice with the good news that these criminal reports can this time be downloaded from a computer with Internet connectivity. Surprisingly, the information can be retrieved anywhere so long as there is Internet connection. Plus, the good thing about it is that it is completely safety because the search is kept private and confidential from the criminals. Also, the results are obtained immediately with reliable details regarding those offenders.

Minnesota Criminal Records

The Minnesota criminal reports contain several types of criminal records such as:

  • Felony
  • Gross misdemeanour
  • Enhanced misdemeanour

All public information in the State of Minnesota that one can access includes:

  • Offense
  • Type of offense
  • Court of conviction
  • Date when conviction was handled out
  • Sentence conviction
  • Level of conviction

Individuals who can access the private records include the following:

  • Inmates or persons in the record
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Individuals authorized to conduct background checks
  • Requestors that have a notarized form of Informed consent
Criminal Records Background Check

For requestors who wish to get hold of criminal reports or conduct background checks, follow the steps provided below:

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