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Michigan Public Records

Technically, the Michigan Open Records Act defines public documents as anything that are managed by the state government and leveraged for official functions. Over the years, legal citizens have been given the privilege to also access and view these records for some justifiable purposes. The Michigan public records also comprise the video recordings of important events or any media documentation which should be preserved for future use. Nowadays, people go after these files to look for data that can be useful for any undertakings.

Similarly, at times there are requests which are not divulged to public for some grounds like when they are utilized to blackmail the other, or when it interferes the on-going investigation on someone. The State would of course prioritize the security of the residents and the entire government in Michigan. In other words, there are laws being imposed to not allow anybody to acquire the records in any way. However, sometimes it is a case to case basis. When the need to request for a certain public record is urgent, you have the right to write a letter addressed to the appropriate office like the court, high ranking official of the State or to whoever has the say on legal matters. If you are searching for criminal records for instance you can always refer to the State’s online records repository.

Michigan Public Records

The vital records such marriage, divorce, death and birth are handled by the State’s Vital Records office. The amount it costs when requested would be $15.00 for each copy. Any requests for additional copies would require another $5.00 per copy. There is surely a lot of information that you can collect from this government agencies since they have started documenting way back in the 1800’s. Today, these reports are not just managed by the same office, but are updated all over the counties to be able to easily deliver the results to those who will be applying for the said legitimate files.

Certainly, there are more to acquire from the public records other than those vital reports. They include sex offenders, foreclosed properties, inmates, businesses and corporations, court records, bankruptcy and other government held documents. Today, all these pieces of information can be found at the county agency close to you. You can go to a nearby police station or any of the law enforcement agencies. Also, you can visit the county clerk offices for the vital records. These are the details which you need to know in order to get the search started. For court records you can take a look at an online page for court cases and other related reports.

It could take days before you eventually have the records you requested. It used to be the trend back in the old days. But today, it has changed dramatically as these public records are just some few clicks away from you. As a matter of fact, if you only have Internet access you will be able to acquire the records anytime and anywhere. A paid online records solution has come to make searches way more convenient than before nowadays. It’s going to spend you an amount of money but it is definitely worth it in many ways.

Michigan is an open records state. Since the state’s public records are governed by the Michigan Open Records Act, anyone can obviously request access to such information. Registers that are considered public include:

  • Vital Records
  • Arrest and criminal records
  • Driver records
  • County records

Conversely, records that could infringe the privacy and compromise the safety of individuals, and those that could be used to obstruct justice are not available for public viewing. These include hospital records, student records, and any other records that are protected by law.

Public registers can be pulled through the following agencies:

  • Vital Records Office
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Circuit Courts and Clerks Offices
  • Michigan State Police
  • Sheriffs’ Offices
  • State’s Superior Court

Michigan Background Check
In the process of checking one’s background, records are most often used. Below are the guidelines which you must adhere to when requesting for Michigan public documents:

  • Obtain an application form first to file a request for a specific public record.
  • Complete the form with the necessary details required.
  • For marriage and divorce records, please write the complete names of the couple, the date and county where the event took place, and the county where the license or divorce as issued and filed.
  • For death records, provide the complete name of the decedent, date and county of birth, spouse’s name, parents’ name, and the social security number if known.
  • For arrest and criminal records, refer to the State Police or to the Sheriffs’ Offices. Specify the name of the person in question, and the date and county of birth.

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