Michigan Criminal Records

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For some reasons, you may want to find out if someone has been or has never been engaged in any unlawful acts in the past or at present. Today, one of the best ways to find answers to your questions is to run a Michigan Criminal Records search. In general, this type of information contains the criminal background of a person, indicating whether or not his name is connected to any crime that happened within this State.

All Criminal Records and fingerprints for the state are kept by the Michigan State Police through the Criminal Justice Information Center. Searches can be based on fingerprint or name. But, for those who have need of a complete report, the most reliable method to make use of is the fingerprint-based search. This process entails a $30 search fee and an average turnaround time of three to five weeks.

Residents of Michigan are empowered to get a copy of this information through the CJIC. Also permitted to search for this piece of document are the state agencies, criminal justice and law enforcement agencies, as well as legitimate employers. However, search results will be limited to arrests that resulted in convictions.

In this time and age, more and more people are getting busy at work; hence, waiting for long hours or processing a request for several days may not sound good at all. Good thing, a much better option is now available to solve this concern. No more long waiting time, no more long list of requirements to submit at designated offices and no more effort and money will be wasted. Searching through the Internet allows you to perform background investigations right at your own home with absolute privacy.

There are numerous benefits you’ll get from maximizing the online services. First off, it is doable at the comfort of your own home or office, allowing you to find what you need more easily and quickly. In addition, this do-it-yourself procedure lets you gather every single data you longed-for without the knowledge of the person you’re investigating. This method is so easy for it only necessitates you to enter relevant details about your subject. Plus, it displays on your computer screen the facts that you need in an instant for a very low price.

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Michigan Public Records

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An in-depth Criminal Background Check can also be accomplished over the Internet these days. To acquire reliable findings, it is vital that you enter specifics like the person’s name, date of birth, address, Social Security number and native country. Normally, this sort of investigation will uncover information such as court judgments, national arrests, court warrants, felony and misdemeanors, sex crimes, past address, age and birth date and more.

The State of Michigan makes access to public criminal records available through the employment of a central repository for criminal records. To access criminal records or background checks, one can visit the following government e-portals:

  • Arrest records – Offender Tracker Information System or OTIS
  • Public criminal records – Criminal Justice Information Center or CJIC

Information that is available from the Michigan State Police includes the following:

Michigan Criminal Records Background Check

Michigan Criminal Records Resource Links

To access and get hold of other criminal reports, documents and make background checks, you can also access the sites below.

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