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Mendocino County Public Records

It is rather easy to see why people would want to get their hands on official records. These records, often called public records, are documents in the custody of government and have information on them that tend to establish or to prove something. Given this, they are often the best types of evidences that could be presented not only in court hearings but in everyday life as well. The good news is that these records are always easy to access and to procure, subject, of course, to the requirements of the law. Along with the requirements of practicality, the requirements of law required for the establishment of a collection of documents that came to be known as the Mendocino County Public Records.

Traditionally, there are two sources of records, the state level and the county level. There are also two traditional classifications of records, vital records and non-vital records. With recent legislation passed in order to at least minimize identity theft, there are now two classes of vital records, informational copies and authorized copies. Both contain information that are the same, but informational copies could not establish identity and authorized copies are only for people who fall in the exclusive list mandated by law.

Mendocino County Public Records

State level searches are the province of the California Department of Public Health. Searches at this level are conducted by first downloading a form from the website of the department, but one must take care to download the correct form, as a request for an informational copy would require a different form than a request for an authorized copy. An authorized copy request would also require a notarized sworn statement, a blank copy of which could be downloaded from the same website. Once both have been completed, the fees would have to be determined in accordance with the schedule of fees. They range from twenty five dollars to fourteen dollars, and a money order for the same would have to accompany the requirements once they are sent to the department for processing.

County level searches are the responsibility of the Office of the Clerk-Recorder. At this level, the two classifications of public records may be procured. For vital records, the procedure is the same, though with the office replacing the role of the Department of Public Health. Again, a form has to be downloaded and completed, along with a notarized sworn statement for authorized copies and a money order for the fee. They range from twenty five dollars to fifteen dollars.

Searches for non-vital records at this level could only be conducted by actually appearing before the clerk and making the request there. Note that the copies of the clerk-recorder would not actually be given to the searcher, so the searcher must pay for a copy of the record request. The fee is one dollar per regular sized page.

Another source of public records would be the internet. There are a number of online database that are easy to locate and use, though they provide the same information as the two levels of searches. Most of these website allow the records that they have to be downloaded at no charge, and because they are internet searches, they are faster, more efficient, and they do not require either lines or actual presence at their physical offices in order to start the search.

Mendocino County Public Court Records Access

The procedure to obtain birth certificates from the Office of the Clerk-Recorder is given below
Determine how you are going to request for the records:
If you wish to request in person.

  • You would have to visit the Office of the Clerk-Recorder
  • Make the personal request to the clerk on duty.
  • The clerk would ask for your identification, so be sure to bring an identification card with your picture.
  • If all is in order, you would be asked to provide the specifics of the birth certificate that you wish to obtain.
  • You would be directed to the cashier where you must pay the copying fee which is twenty five dollars.
  • The certificate would be issued at the same day, unless you make the request after 4.45 P.M., in which case, the certificate would be made available the following day.

Should you wish to request via mail or fax

  • Download the form from the website of the Office of the Clerk-Recorder
  • Complete the form including the blank sworn statement and have it notarized.
  • Execute a money order for the twenty five dollar fee.
  • Make a self-addressed return envelope and have the same stamped.
  • Send all requirements to the office for processing. This may be done via mail or through fax

Mendocino County Public Court Records Free Access
The following links connect to other custodians of public records and their procedures on how to request the same.

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