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Massachusetts Public Records

The public truly has a lot of options these days on how to proceed in doing the search on public documents. They can go online, visit the State’s main records archive or visit the nearest records office available in the city or county. Massachusetts government has the full authority to govern over the said records. The State’s Public Records Law mandates the different agencies to accommodate any requests from the people for the public reports. If an agency withholds information from public view they would be asked to explain because technically these reports are for everyone’s consumption. If you wanted to know more about the freedom of information act you can always go to the State’s webpage.

By standard, public reports should be requested by writing a formal letter and not just doing it verbally. The reason for this would be to formally document the application and to make sure that it is being processed by the records staff. Massachusetts does not only rely on the paper records during searches but has also incorporated the use of technology to make the lookup even much faster and simpler. Prior to placing your application it is of course necessary that you prepare the requirements including the documents which will show proof that you are a legal resident in the State. You have to follow the steps which you need to go through to eventually get the records which you looked for.

Massachusetts Public Records

Take note that there will be a corresponding fee for every copy which you wished to procure. The vital records which comprise death, birth, marriage and divorce can be requested at $18.00 each if you do the walk-in transaction. It will be $28.00 for mail requests and $3.00 at State Archives. There will be an extra payment for those who desire to grab more copies of a particular record. Any more information regarding this matter can be found at public documents site. It is advised that you contact the office for current fees before you begin completing the requirements.

Another great online resource would be the online public records resource if you wanted to know further about public documents. This way you will become more aware of your right towards the legal records and you get to be educated on how to formally procure them in ways that are in harmony with the existing law. The residents should be exercising their freedom to be informed by making use of the accessible resources and try to digest so that they would know how to utilize them.

The vital records exist primarily to know the truth about someone. It’s an excellent reference for those who are doing genealogical work as well. Police, criminal and other court records are usually retrieved for protection purposes. Back in the days, these files can be requested but it takes days before they are obtained. Today, results are taken in no time with the advancement of modern technology. Most recently, public records can even be downloaded at home and everywhere provided that there is Internet connection. In other words, searching for legal information can be done more conveniently these days because of this online records solution.

Massachusetts Public Records

Pursuant to Public Records Law, every government record in Massachusetts is recognized to be public unless it is withheld under a specified exemption. State public archives include, but are not limited to the following:

  • registers of births and deaths
  • adoption records
  • marriages and divorces decrees
  • arrests and criminal information

All record requests are subject to fees. Such payment varies from county to county and depends on which agency the request is filed at. To get a copy of any vital record in Massachusetts, a vital record application form must be secured first.

Massachusetts Background Check

Background checking has become a standard procedure nowadays in most organizations and businesses even across the globe; and records are commonly used in such endeavor.To access public records in Massachusetts, Vital Record Application Form must be completed first. Once the form is filled out with all the necessary details, you must submit it to the relevant agency.

The following are the agencies where you can get Massachusetts public records:

  • Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • State Supreme Court
  • Circuit Clerks Offices
  • County Sheriff Association

Don’t forget to send the completed form along with the corresponding fee to any of these agencies.

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