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Massachusetts Divorce Records

Massachusetts Divorce Records are easily obtainable through various sources nowadays. Ever since the Internet became a part of our modern society, more and more ways of acquiring information on a massive scale is now accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere around the world. There are no more boundaries to go through in most cases. Just search for it, check the credentials or good reviews about the subject and you are ready to extract information. Documents before 1786 and even as early as the year 1639, were attended by an assortment of courts within the state, and the original files are held by the Massachusetts Archives.

In the State of Massachusetts, divorce case files or decrees and Divorce Records are regarded as public information. The information contained in any of the more contemporary records however, is only accessible to the two parties involved in the divorce record and to the assigned legal representative.

Massachusetts Divorce Records

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From 1952 till the present, a statewide index is obtainable at the Massachusetts Department of Health’s Registry of Vital Records which is located in Boston. However, it is important to take note that this statewide index is known to have many discrepancies and omissions.

You may obtain important files such as the complaint for divorce from the District of Court or Circuit Court that signed the said case. From this record you c learn about the corresponding judgment, property settlement, and child support decisions are included in this account. For faster processing of your requests, it would be better if you have the basic information about the case already in hand, to have more access to detailed information. Know the couple’s names or the time they got legally divorced, and their addresses. In most cases, a reasonable administrative fee will be charged for this method.

Various online services can now be accessed with speed in information recovery. There are faster and easier ways to obtain Divorce Records and other vital records online. With the old method of obtaining records, it used to take at least a day or even 10 days to obtain copies of important records. But now, with the World Wide Web, it is faster and more convenient. You get a lot of choices when it comes to sources too. All you have to do is fill up a form then pay the necessary administrative fee and you will get those records easily.

There are also online resources where you get free information, however such free information is not as complete as you might expect, most of the time. Those that are offered for free are most often not dependable, they are inaccurate and incomplete. On a better note though, some websites offer a small fee which guarantee updated and comprehensive reports from trusted online sources.

Massachusetts Divorce Decree

One needs to see the list of Family Courts created in Massachusetts in order to begin the search on someone’s divorce records. The State’s Health and Human Services, specifically the Registry of Vital Records office maintains all the vital documents. They also provide data on:

  • Amendments to Vital Records
  • Genealogical Research
  • Data and Publications
  • Preparing Vital Records including forms and fact sheets
  • Project Updates

Massachusetts Divorce Background Check

Checking on divorce reports cannot be done through the Registry office alone. The State has also catered the said service by the following:

In order to obtain the earlier divorce records one should be able to know the list of Cities and Towns where the files could possibly be found.

Massachusetts Vital Records

The office of the State’s Registry has been designated to be the main repository for records on birth, death, marriage and divorce. They do the following functions for public service:

Divorce Records Massachusetts Resource Links

There are several other government recognized offices where the people can go to for inquiries on divorce records. They are the following:

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