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Maryland has specifically directed the Attorney General’s office to oversee the documentation and delivery of Maryland Public Records to anybody who places a request. In fact, such office has developed a legal records site for those who prefer to do some research via online. The webpage shows the definition of the State’s Public Information Act to guide the residents accordingly on how to take advantage of it. More significantly, it shows the steps on how to officially perform the request physically at the designated records agencies.

The public attorney’s office basically caters services including information about getting a job, certifications, license, adopt a child and other businesses that relate to public documents. In Maryland, all the types of records are preserved and updated in both the State and County levels. So, if you are looking for a specific record you need to first discover as to which county the files that you are searching have been kept. The rate to retrieve these records would vary depending on the policy being implemented from each of the respective localities or counties.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is tasked to manage the vital records of the people including marriage, divorce, birth and death. It’s a recommended place to go to if you are doing a genealogical research of your family roots. Birth and Death records have been in place since 1898 while marriage records got documented from 1989 until present. Divorce reports on the other hand have been recorded and available for public viewing from 1961 up to these days. The rates of these particular records should not go beyond $25.00 per copy. Those who would need more copies are required to pay an extra amount of money.

For those who are in search for court records like criminal and arrest records may take a look at the State’s page for some technical information. This contains the case records of the Maryland Judiciary. You only have to accept the agreement which they have formulated in order for you to have access on the details which are prepared by the judicial court workers. Those who live far from the State’s main records repository now have the privilege to process the application at the closest government agency within the county where they are located. So, searching should no longer be time-consuming as it saves a lot of time travelling all the way to the centralized records office.

Maryland Public Records

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There are surely several ways to acquire the authentic public records nowadays. The one that is being practiced these days is the online retrieval of documents. This in other words means that reports on people can be pulled-out by means of the Internet through a website which holds the details on vital and criminal records. Its quickness in obtaining the result is superb and the quality of data it brings is outstanding. Thus, it is advised to turn into this online records solution to make the search effortless.

Maryland Divorce Records

In the State of Maryland, one can obtain divorce records from several government agencies of the State:

Eligible persons to apply for the divorce records include the following individuals:

Maryland Divorce Background Check

To get hold of verification of divorce letter or annulment from the State’s Vital Records Office, follow these steps:

Maryland Vital Records

Maryland Vital Records are available from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Those who would be requesting divorce verification from the Office will receive a Verification of Divorce form containing the following information:

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