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Maine Divorce Records

It has already become a fact that divorces are a normal thing in the United States. On that note, the public has been urged by the government to be more meticulous in finding someone to marry with for a lifetime. Such is the main reason why divorce reports are documented these days. To let the people become aware about the past of the other people. Maine divorce records are made available to provide the residents living in the state some pieces of information that would be beneficial for various circumstances. Technically, they are accessible as stated by law in the effort to serve the general public in various ways.

The said records are not only useful for those who expressed the desire to get married with someone. It is also a good legal reference for those who are looking for business partners. With the records, you will have the opportunity to review the past of that person, and then decide later on if you want to continue doing business with him or her. In most cases, majority though come from those who would like to verify the past relationship record of a certain individual.

Maine Divorce Records

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However, just like the other States, some information stipulated on the records will not be unveiled except when you are the owner of it. This has something to do with the existing law which gives anyone the right to privacy by not divulging some confidential details in the divorce like the cause for getting a divorce and others. The general public in Kansas can only confirm if indeed the person had been divorced or not, the dates of the occurrence and the location where the separation was granted.

Ever since, divorce reports are maintained at the State’s Office of Vital Records, Maine Department of Human Services. But, for the convenience to some people who can’t travel all the way to the main records office due to distance concern may do the search by visiting the County records agency. Many years back, the State has actually implemented that these vital records should also be made available at each county for much easier searches. Today, Maine residents can perform the search by county via the designated office meant for records transactions.

Anyone can actually dig deep when searching for really old records. As a matter of fact, those that are kept from 1892 to 1922 can still be acquired when needed by visiting at the Maine State Archives. It’s indeed a practical resource when you are in the verge of getting the names of your ancestors for genealogical research reason. On the other hand, those that were recorded way back 1923 to present can be applied at the State’s Division of Public Health Systems for a service charge that should be affordable to the general public.

In recent times, the state government has incorporated an online system in storing these vital records. In other words, all the bits of information related to divorce are now archived into the computer for faster records retrieval. The more amazing development today is that these files can be downloaded anytime within your home with the aid of an Internet records provider. This implies that anybody in Maine may perform the search on their own with complete privacy. Plus, results are obtained in no time provided that you get a trustworthy online records source for what you needed.

Maine Divorce Decree

Divorce records in the State of Maine are available from several locations.

  • Vital Records Office – 1923 up to the present
  • Maine State Archives – 1892 up to 1922

There are two types of records that one can request from the Vital Records Office:

  • Certified copies
  • Non-certified copies

Maine Divorce Background Check

To obtain divorce records from the State of Maine, follow the following steps provided below:

Maine Vital Records

Divorce records in Maine are available only when the requestor provides complete information on the divorce. The following information should be furnished:

  • Name of the parties in the divorce
  • Date when divorce was granted
  • Place or county clerk where divorce was issued
  • Contact information of the requestor
  • Purpose of the records

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