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Lubbock County Public Records

Retrieving Lubbock County public records is just a piece of cake when you the agencies responsible for storing, analyzing and managing such important registers. In Texas, the government has tasked various entities to keep track of important life events and record them for the future references. Through the Texas Government Code, particularly the Texas Public Information Act, every citizen in the Lone Star state is entitled to access, review and even reproduce all records in the state that are deemed public as per the state statute.

Lubbock County public registers comprise of vital records such as certificates of birth, testaments of deaths, and decrees on marriage and or divorce; arrest and criminal history records; as well as driver records. In Texas, the primary storehouse for all vital records is the Department of State Health Services. Vital records are utilized by the state’s government to formulate its nation’s vital statistics. Also, it defines the numbers used in making decisions regarding how a certain country or state is to be governed. In a way, these vital registers are the country’s pulse.

Lubbock County Public Records

Should you wish to get a copy of a birth certificate in Lubbock County or maybe a death testament, you have to file your request at the State Health Services Department’s Vital Statistics Unit. Each copy of a birth certificate costs $22 while a death testament costs $20 each. Certified copies of marriage records and divorce records, on the other hand, have to be procured locally through the local Lubbock County Clerk’s Office. Both records can be secured for a fee of $20 per copy.

Arrest and criminal conviction documents, on the other hand, are housed in the Lubbock County Sheriffs’ Office and Division of Criminal Justice respectively. These records, among other legal documents, are sussed out the most especially when it comes to background investigations, or simply screening for employment purposes, for instance. They shed light to crucial information such as the misdemeanors or felonies perpetrated and the particulars surrounding the misconduct. Criminal background checks in Lubbock County, Texas can actually be done in two ways: fingerprint-based or the name-based criminal search. Fingerprint-based criminal search requires a fee of $15 whilst a simple name-based criminal search only requires $10.

Procuring these documents in Lubbock County manually can be somehow time-consuming. Not to mention the meticulous process one has to undergo when filing an application. Filing an application requires some paper works and also visiting agencies personally just to retrieve the file you need. Good thing that today, with the advent of the Internet, such transactions can already be done in a more efficient and effective manner – and that is through online with the aid of computers and the Internet. Online repositories offer the same service although for a much lesser or cheaper fee. Just make sure you do a bit of background check on the independent online provider you are eyeing on to ensure that the records you will obtain are accurate and the source is reliable. Truly, technology has paved way to a much better means of doing transactions and services nowadays.

Lubbock County Court Records

To place an order for any public document in Lubbock County, these steps must be followed:

  • Secure an application form and fill it out with all the significant information asked.
  • For marriage and divorce decrees, you have to indicate the complete names of husband and wife as well as the date and county where they tied the knot.
  • For death records, the complete name of the decedent must be provided including the date and county of birth, spouse’s name, parents’ name, and the social security number if known.
  • For arrest and criminal records, the full legal name of the subject including any known sobriquets, the last known address, and the social security number if available.

Lubbock County Court Records Public Access

For more details on how to request access on Lubbock County public records, visit the following:

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