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Los Angeles County Public Records

Records are a means to ensure that an event that had happened is not forgotten. Although the keeping of records could be seen as a boon to future generations, the truth is, they are of great use in the present as well. This is because records, especially public records, are often the best types of evidences that could be offered in processes such as court proceedings and to apply for something not only with the government, but also in the private sector. Public records such as birth certificates are a requisite for most jobs and schools. It is because they are needed this much that they must be available to the public, and because of the requirements of practicality, the records belonging to the Los Angeles County Public Records are supposed to be available to the public at all times.

There are generally two sources of records, at the state level and at the county level. State level searches are the province of the California Department of Public Health and have access to the bulk of vital records from the whole state, but searches here are relatively slow and limited to the point that only vital records could be found here. Searches at the county level are the province of the Office of the Clerk-Recorder. Searches here are relatively faster and have more types of records available, but they are limited in the sense that their records are limited only to events within their territorial jurisdiction.

Los Angeles County Public Records

As was mentioned before, only vital records are available from at the state level. A search here is conducted by first downloading the relevant form from the website of the department and filling it up. Depending on the type of record that the searcher wishes to obtain, he may have to execute a notarized sworn statement as well. Once the form is completed, it must be submitted, together with the notarized sworn statement and a money order for the fee, to the department. The fees range from twenty five dollars for birth certificates to fourteen dollars for dissolution of marriage certificates. The others fall in between the two.

At the county level, searches for vital records could be done through the Office of the Clerk-Recorder. The procedure here is substantially the same as the procedure at the state level in the sense that the searcher first has to download the request form and fill up the same. At this level, the certificate of identity, included in the form, would have to be accomplished and sent with the application form together with a money order corresponding to the required fee. Birth certificates are at twenty eight dollars per copy while marriage certificates are at fifteen dollars per copy. The rest fall in between.

In regards to records that are not part of the vital records, Los Angeles County does not currently maintain a centralized depository of the same, and there is no uniform procedure from the other departments. The fees, however, are statutory when it comes to other records so all departments and agencies charge one dollar per page of a record. Access to these records is also base on statute and thus, they may be accessed at any time.

Another source of public records is the internet. There are a number of online databases that would provide the same information as the agencies that could provide records. The difference is that these databases provide their information, almost always, for free. They could also be used from the comforts of ones home, so there is need to leave the house in order to search and to fall in line. They are faster, more efficient, and could provide more information because they are connected to other databases.

Los Angeles County Clerk Of Court Public Records

The procedure to obtain birth records via mail from the Office of the Clerk-Recorder is given below

  • First, determine whether you want to make a request in person or by mail
  • Should you wish to make a request in person, follow this procedure:
    • Head over to the Office of the Clerk-Recorder
    • Bring a valid photo id and the fee required for the copy.
    • Make the request in person at the clerk.
    • Pay the required fee which is twenty eight dollars for both authorized and informational copies.
    • Records from 1964 to the present would be available the same day, otherwise, they would be available within twenty working days.
  • Should you wish to make the request by mail, follow this procedure:
    • Download the required form from the website of the Office of the Clerk-Recorder.
    • Fill up the same.
    • Have the certificate of identity included in the form notarized.
    • Send the completed form, together with the notarized certificate of identity, and the money order , twenty eight dollars for both authorized and informational copy, for the fee, to the Office of the Clerk-Recorder

Los Angeles County Public Court Records Free Access
The procedures on how to obtain public records from other agencies may be found in the links below

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