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Kentucky Public Records

The Kentucky public records are legally known to people after the open records law was passed and implemented as an official bill in the state. This mainly describes the coverage of the said constitution and also its limitations for the awareness of the general public who are most likely to benefit from it. Based on reports, the said legitimate files are requested to discover the truth about a person and in many ways protect the residents and the properties that they owned. The government has shouldered this obligation to protect its citizens by searching through the records for useful information.

However, keep in mind that not all public records are made known to public because there are also other laws which prohibit the issuance of a particular record to a requesting party. But, it depends on the type of record that you are pursuing. If it is something that is not allowed as provided by the federal law or the court then you should respect it as it is. Otherwise, you will be in serious trouble if you forcefully insist. But, sometimes it’s a case to case basis depending on the scenario. If it calls an urgent need to retrieve the files, the court will review the request with the help of a lawyer, and then the final decision could be on your favor if they see some concrete grounds on the application itself.

Kentucky Public Records

There is actually an official form created in Kentucky to do the requests. They call it Request to Inspect Public Records form which specifically asks you to fill-out the necessary details including the amount for the service fee. To make the searches centralized, the State has formed a group of people who now composed the State’s Vital Statistics office, Department for Health Services. This government agency is tasked to gather all the vital records including marriage, divorce, death and birth for the public’s assistance. There’s plenty of information to obtain from since they have began the update way back in the 1900’s. On another note, the State has an online public library whereby people can search for helpful data.

The cost per request varies according to the kind of record which you wished to acquire for. Death, marriage and divorce are acquired for an amount of $6.00 per copy while birth costs $10.00. This includes the fee when you wanted to request for more copies. Surely, these public documents can also be applied from the county records offices as instructed by the higher authorities. This would mean that individuals no longer have to commute all the way to the main records repository just to process everything in regards to the records.

Doing the search the old way is certainly strenuous at times more especially when you don’t have enough time to do it on your own. Luckily, the traditional method ends when the advancement of modern technology comes in. This time, you can even execute the lookup at home without the assistance from other people. Just find a trustworthy website which caters the basic records service. The Internet is the solution which makes the job less complicated. You are only required to pay for the one-of-a-kind service that it offers.

Kentucky Public Records

Quick facts about Kentucky public records:

  • In 2006 an Open Records Law was enacted to allow the public to perform the search
  • Kentucky has a website featuring the vital records, criminal records, public records and the other records used for background checking
  • Kentucky Court of Justice has also used the Internet as a good venue for the legal records

Kentucky Background Check

The Kentucky Court of Justice offers the following services:

  • Criminal Record Report
  • Victim Information
  • Public Court Records
  • Statistical Reports

Kentucky Records Resource Links

Other legal agencies in Kentucky include:

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