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Kentucky Marriage Records

Your wedding day could be the biggest, most joyous event in your whole existence- unless it’s forced. Because of that celebration or ritual, another significant human event is recorded in history. Matrimony, among other vital human occurrences, is always put in paper (or in databases) for filing or statistics use by the locality and the state where the essential event happened. Typically, the state’s department of health vital records unit handles the task of keeping vital events of births, marriages, divorces and deaths. Kentucky Marriage Records that happened from June 1958 up to the present day may be requested for a certain fee from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics. In ordering copies, five methods can be opted for by the interested individual: walk-in, mail-in, by phone, via the internet or fax (last three may be accomplished through VitalChek).

For those of you who want to specifically check into marriage dates that occurred prior to June 1958, you can go straight to the county clerk in the locality where the License of Marriage was issued. For you to acquire information regarding a certain nuptial, make sure to have in hand all of the following: complete names of both spouses; exact date of the ceremony; name of the county where the marriage license was obtained.

Kentucky Marriage Records

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If you intend to trace your genealogy, the state Office of Vital Statistics is not the right place to request for such researches. It can’t furnish free non-certified information or unofficial copies of the vital occurrences within the state. Also, the statistics office will only conduct a search if a proper application form has been submitted along with a fee. Once a record is found, it will then be mailed to the return address you provided. You can contact the KY agencies that provide information about historical records (before 1911) i.e. Kentucky Historical Society and the Kentucky Dept. for Libraries and Archives.

Even if the manual sources exist, the birth of computerization along with the development of web data resources has made automated public record retrievals possible in today’s time. It makes investigation a lot easier and less arduous. It only takes a few minutes in front of your personal computer, if you prefer to conduct do-it-yourself checks on various public files. Reports are never this quick; once the name and state are entered into the lookup site your answers will be displayed on your screen.

Perhaps you’re now looking forward to that great moment of your matrimony. However, have you done a few steps to at least make sure that this is going to be a decision you’ll never ever regret? Sometimes, we give our all out trust and love to another person because we want to keep them. Nevertheless security matters; and often we can only confirm things by way of documented, valid proofs that say someone is indeed reliable and worthy of trust.

Online tools that let you scour through a database of public records including Free Marriage Records can instantly help you make the right move. In things as important as marriages, business deals, employment, and other life-affecting events, verifying a person is the same as ensuring your future.

Kentucky Marriage Records

Marriage records are available from two different resources:

  • Vital Statistics Office – June 1958 and onwards
  • County Clerk Office – records prior to the said year

To obtain records, simply supply the following information:

  • Name of the parties in the event
  • Date when the marriage takes place
  • County that issued the marriage license

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Kentucky Vital Records

All vital records from the State of Kentucky require a complete application form and fee before being processed by the Vital Statistics Office.

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