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Kentucky Criminal Records

No matter how small or big the issue is as long as it concerns about security, people tend to worry. Now that criminal activities seem to happen everywhere, individuals can’t help but fret over their own protection. For those who are employed or are employers, it is inevitable to encounter different types of people. Some may appear to be physically good-looking, but be warned against those deceitful personalities. To be sure, run a Kentucky Criminal Records search today.

The central repository for all criminal accounts of Kentucky is placed under the maintenance of the Criminal Records Dissemination Section of the Kentucky State Police (KSP). The highway safety patrol, sex offender registry and internet crimes against children and missing children are likewise managed by KSP. Name-based searches are allowed in this department for $20 per name for requests done via mail or in person.

Kentucky Criminal Records

In this State, access to criminal accounts is restricted only to authorized employers, state departments and law enforcement agencies. The general public is not permitted to obtain this file, except for those who want to review their personal criminal record. At present, government websites are available for everyone’s disposal. Normally, they hold bits of data on misdemeanors or felonies, juvenile crimes or sexual offenses.

When searching online, specific fields must be supplied with details like the subject’s last name, type of case, county and division, type of party and so on. Once these fields are completed, hit the “search” button and behold a comprehensive list of all the cases that match your search. Go over the results and use that which is suitable to all your needs. Usually, the information is given, free of any charges.

There are many reasons why you need to get hold of a criminal account of someone. Before you keep company with a person or employ an individual, it is essential to know whether or not he or she has a clean background. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk at becoming an easy prey for criminal targets. Furthermore, examining the criminal background of someone is necessary before you start any kind of financial transaction with the person.

The easiest and most secured route to procure Public Criminal Records these days is by turning to those commercial service providers over the Web. There are a lot of them online; hence, before activating a search, make sure to understand the terms of reference as provided by the portal. Fee-based search sites are most-preferred by many online users today. They offer incomparable service and generate accurate and complete reports in minutes for a very low cost.

  • Standard Criminal Check
  • Vulnerable Sector Check (Juvenile)
  • Crime data from all the counties
  • Misdemeanors
  • Traffic violation of up to 5 years
  • Felony records from 1978 up to the present
  • Criminal Records Background Check

  • Visit the Kentucky Court of Justice
  • Download the Background Check Request Form
  • Enclose a certified check or money order amounting to $20.
  • Mail the completed form or drop the request directly to the Records Unit.
  • To look up prisoners/offenders in the State of Kentucky, please follow the steps below:

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