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Iowa Divorce Records

Iowa used to be known as an old-fashioned State which became the main reason why earlier Iowa divorce records were not documented until 1906. Even the government before did not spearhead the keeping of such legal documents, not until the 9th century. Today, it has become a law that these reports should be made accessible to anyone provided that the intention is legal with substantial basis. They call it as part of the Vital Records under the management of the State’s records office.

Divorce documents can be retrieved with no hesitation because it is a legal right of every individual living in Iowa to place a request of such files. You won’t find it hard going through the search because Iowa is one of those very organized States when it comes to public and vital records. The State has a central records repository at Des Montes which coordinates to the different counties under it for updates and everything. They aim to really make the recording active at each county so the public will no longer have to travel all the way to the State’s records database.

Iowa Divorce Records

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However, certified copies of the said records cannot be obtained from any of the counties, only in the State’s Vital Records Office. The standard fee should not go beyond $15.00 for all the searches and everything that relates to your application. Payments will have to be settled at the Department of Public Health in Iowa through a personal check or money order. Take note that you need to establish or identify your relationship with the person whose divorce report you are seeking in order for the request to be considered as legal. Others not directly related to the name on the records may perform the search but only when it is a must and should be permitted by court to execute the lookup.

As a standard operating procedure, any applicant should place the request in writing along with the payment for the service fee. Then, it has to be forwarded to the Bureau of Vital Records office for processing. Of course, it is significant to know the basic particulars of the former husband and wife, specially the date of divorce. If you are not sure about the date then at least you have an idea as to the estimated span. The application can also be done over the phone but there will be an additional payment to do that.

These days, divorce records are also accessible through an online database which was initiated by state authorities. Doing so no longer involves looking up through the paper files since the pieces of information are all uploaded into the computer. It becomes even handier at present because anyone can do the search anytime and anywhere. This has been realized with the advancement of modern technology where data are stored and provided through the Internet. It comes with a service fee that is definitely worth the information taken in only a few clicks.

Iowa Divorce Decree

For those who wish to obtain their divorce records in Iowa, the State allows persons/individuals who are affiliated with the persons named in the divorce, examples include:

  • Parents
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Grandparent

Iowa Vital Records

To obtain divorce certificates from the Iowa Department of Public Health, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Iowa Department of Public Health.
  • Search the Iowa District Courts to navigate directly to the issuing county for certified copies.
  • For Divorce index, download the request form from the site.
  • Attach $15 for the search fee payable via personal check or money order.

Iowa Vital Records

The State of Iowa has standardized the search fee for all copies of vital records and makes access to these records available to the public. Almost all records can be obtained from the Bureau of Vital Record Office except for records older than 1906 where said records are available from the different counties.

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