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Indiana Public Records

Indiana top officials unanimously called the law as the Indiana Open Records and Open Doors Laws which characterizes the provisions agreed upon by the law makers on the bill regarding public records. The said records law existed to govern the office that will be doing the updates and the general public who is expected to make some acquisition requests. Originally, public documents constitute any writing, paper report, study, map, photograph, book, card, tape recording and other files of the like. These are all archived in various forms and preserved to be utilized by next generations to come. Indiana has an online archive to make the public records retrieval easy for the residents to accomplish.

But, not all records will be issued to anyone who will come to ask for it. There are still exemptions as also specified by law. The state government has the reasons for the exemption which include the use of the reports to invade the personal privacy of other people, when the records being applied for are used in an active investigation and when it puts the security of the agencies and the State at stake. All these are instituted in order to protect one another more especially the welfare of the entire community.

Indiana Public Records

These public records are kept to find out the truth behind something and someone to avoid any conflicts in the future or be trapped in a situation which could bring you harm. If you have a hunch that you are being stalked, then you should be vigilant enough. You should not wait until you are already in danger, act now by gathering facts about the person who has been following you. It’s not only your safety that you are after of, it’s only the safety of your family and loved ones. The best move would be to visit the closest law enforcement agency to be able to make some legal inquiries. If you are willing to pay just to retrieve some old files then you are asked to spend no more than $15.00 per request. It’s not a fee for the information you get, it’s the cost for the service which you requested for. It will always be your right to request the said legal information. For more details about the right to information you may check out the State’s website.

The State’s Department of Health, Vital Records office is responsible for the keeping and delivery of vital public records. The State has begun documenting the vital records since the early 1900’s. These include marriage, divorce, death and birth. Al these can be acquired from the same office which becomes the central office for all the important public records. The cost per request varies depending on the type of record that you will need. But, it should not cost you more than $15.00 apiece. Take note that there are additional fees when you are to order for more copies.

The entire traditional searching method is only lengthy though in terms of the way the records are being applied for.

There were efforts in the past to make the job easier but it did not materialize until nowadays when the development of modern technology comes. This simply means that researchers can now perform the lookup online anywhere to make it more private and discreet. The only requirement would be to pay the service fee for the guaranteed results that you are going to produce and use for whatever purposes.

It is clearly stated in the Indiana Code for Public Records that all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government. This means that anyone in Indiana can perform a public record search. Public records consist of the following documents:

  • Vital Records
  • Arrest and criminal records
  • Driver records
  • County records

It is the Indiana Commission on Public Records where most of these public archives are kept and maintained although other records are housed in other state agencies as well. Vital records, for instance, can be obtained from the following entities:

  • Birth and death certificates – can be acquired from the State Department of Health or from the local county health departments
  • Marriage and divorce decrees – only available at the local county clerks

Indiana Background Check

Perhaps the most heavily relied on in background screening are criminal records. This type of record is indeed widely used as it is very helpful. Justification wise, a criminal history information will reveal any felonies or misdemeanors committed by the person in question. Thus, decision making situations can be handled with confidence and assurance.

Criminal records can be acquired from the State Police, Criminal Justice Institute, or from the Sheriff’s Office.

To request a copy of any public record in Indiana, including that of criminal records, you can follow the outlined steps below:

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