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Illinois Public Records

The freedom of information act in Illinois has described the details of the types of public records that the State has been holding for years. The law is not only applicable to the residents or citizens, but are also made to govern the agencies that are administering the various legal documents. Historically, these records include the photographs, writings, microfilms, recordings, tapes, electronic data processing and other files that can be of use in the future. Illinois Public Records are categorically a public domain, but some of the reports are not considered as open records for some technical reasons.

The law simply outlined those records that are not for public consumption. They comprise those that are protected by federal law, invasion of individual privacy, for law enforcement purposes or for internal matters only and criminal history records information. It is not generally issued when being used to threaten the security of another person or the entire State at large. The request should be done formally by making a written application and submit to the authorized records office for processing. There is an online lookup created to facilitate any inquiries regarding Illinois public records.

Illinois Public Records

In Illinois, the Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records office has been tasked to maintain the vital reports including birth, death, marriage and divorce. All these files have been stored and updated since the 1900’s to give the people so much information on vital documents. Birth records cost $15.00 for each copy while death records can be ordered at $17.00 per request. These records are also available in the respective counties for much easier records retrieval. County Clerks are the ones usually responsible in accommodating such applications.

On the other hand, divorce and marriage records can be requested for only $5.00 per copy. Applications can also be done at the County Clerk in County where the reports are held. The other official records like arrest, police and criminal reports are accessible through the assigned law enforcement agencies. Most of them though are not for public viewing, but anybody can always try to make an appeal to the officiating court. All these records are meant to supply the people with useful details for protection purposes in general, thus, the government will always give everyone the chance to be heard.

Searching for public records these days is a piece of cake because it can now be done at home so long as there is a computer and Internet connection. Technically, you can perform the request online anywhere you are because the pieces of information are channeled through the websites which cater such kind of services. However, you would need to choose the right provider to be able to acquire the exact records which you have been seeking for. The cost for the service is certainly affordable and reasonable in return for a guaranteed outcome of the application.

Under Illinois Freedom Information Act, any individual is entitled to access state public records. This implies that any member of the state can personally inspect and get copies of records from any government bodies. The state’s public records center is a bountiful archive. As such, you can perform searches on:

  • Court records
  • Archived birth and death records
  • Marriage and divorce searches
  • Businesses and corporations
  • Arrest and criminal records
  • Record expungement
  • Bankruptcy
  • Inmates
  • Sex offenders
  • Foreclosed properties

Luckily, there are no restrictions imposed by the state’s jurisdiction when it comes to the process of procuring public records. Hence, individuals asking for copies of any of these records are no longer required to state the reason of their request.

Illinois Background Check

Since Illinois is an open records state, you will be able to look into various files and documents that are maintained by all state agencies and institutions. Thus, doing a background check will be a piece of cake with all these documents accessible.

To request access to such information, the following steps must be followed:

  • When making your entreaty for any public record, it is important that you secure first an application or request form. This form is requisite for your order to be processed.
  • Carefully read the instructions and provide all the necessary details asked. Provide as much information about the record as possible to narrow the results and locate the record easier.
  • Prepare the necessary fee. Each record requires a specific amount of money as search payment.
  • Once the form is completed, send it to any of the offices stated above along with your payment.

Such payment applies for the search itself. Therefore, it is non-refundable. The processing time for public record entreaties usually takes days to weeks. Unfortunately, this may increase occasionally depending on the volume of requests a certain office receives at a particular time.

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