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Illinois Criminal Records

The Illinois Criminal Records can be applied for by the legal residents as mandated by law on Uniform Conviction Information Act which was approved in January 1991. However, the owner of the records should be informed before the state records office will issue such personal data. As years went by crimes go up and so, the number of people who undertake background checking also increase. Thus, the state ordered that the said records should also be updated and made available throughout the counties under Illinois.

To get started with the search, one has to approach the Bureau of Identification Office to get a copy of the Conviction Information Request Form. There are actually two types of forms, the fingerprint and the non-fingerprint, both costs $20.00 and $16.00 respectively. The other way to gather information about a convicted individual is to search through his or her name, sex, birth date and race. The Illinois State Police, Department of Identification accommodates all these requests, you just need to abide with the guidelines and you will for sure get the results you expected.

Illinois Criminal Records

It is best that you get the form filled-out prior to visiting the designated records office. It can be done by printing a copy of the form from the state’s official website. The purpose is to make the entire process shorter. Keep in mind that you need to identify yourself as a legal resident in Illinois, otherwise, your request will not be granted or the worst part would be that you will be investigated for trying to retrieve information that is classified. So, these are the basic steps to protect yourself, family and loved ones from the bad elements in the society.

The government has its duty to uphold the law and the authorities are tasked to implement it accordingly. On the other side, the people who comprise the public are also urged to help the government in preventing crimes from happening. All the programs initiated should be fully supported by the residents and should maximize the use of the databases on criminal records in order to stop some attempts to violate the law of the land. If someone or a group of individuals are acting suspiciously then they must be investigated quickly with the use of past records to find-out what kind of people they are.

It’s no easy job to background check on someone. Visiting in person to the Police Station is scary and a risk on your part as you can get killed. That’s why an online records solution now becomes very popular because searching turns out to be too private and too discreet for anybody else to know about. Today, the Illinois criminal records are just a few clicks away from you since they are downloadable right on the web from a reliable online records archive. The advantageous part is that it can be pulled-out instantly with quality results.

Requestors who are interested in obtaining a copy of their personal background checks or want to access criminal arrest records may do so by visiting the following government agencies:

The State of Illinois provides two ways to obtain criminal records:

Illinois Criminal Records Background Check

To get a hold of one’s personal background check follow the systematic process below:
Non-fingerprint Search:

  • Download the ISP6-405B form or Non-fingerprint Conviction form.
  • To ensure the accuracy of the search, do provide all the pertinent information requested in the form.
  • Include payment of $16 in money order or check, for checks not drawn on a US bank, a fee of $30 should be included.
  • Mail the complete packet to the Illinois State Police Bureau of Investigation

Fingerprint Search:

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