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Idaho Marriage Records

Idaho is not very strict when it comes to the release of Idaho Marriage Records. In fact, they allow just anybody who wishes to obtain a copy of it. However, it should been done in an orderly manner by following the procedures set by the records officials. People seek for the said legal documents for the purpose of knowing the details of someone’s marriage. Others would simply verify if a person got married or not. Some are after such reports to dig further on the family tree of someone. So, it would be a good resource if you are doing a genealogical research.

You need to know the basic information when starting to collect data on marriage. The needed information include the name of the person on the record, place where marriage took place and the county where the certificate was signed. The state has also introduced the online method of searching for the said reports which gives the public a handy option to conduct the search since it appears to be more convenient to some residents. The others though would still prefer doing the traditional way of searching the files manually. The State’s Department of Health and Welfare has diligently and actively kept the records since 1947. In other words, the general public or the interested entities of the records would get ample of data since it has been compiled for a long time in the state’s database. Idaho technically takes charge of the records for 50 years, which means that the applicants should ask permission from them whenever a request is made. After 50 years, the records are for anyone access without the need of formal application. Just like the other states, requests should be done by filling out an application form with a corresponding fee. Also, you need to present valid ID like a driver’s license to get started.

Idaho Marriage Records

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Bear in mind that the more information you can provide to process the search the more results you will be able to get. Also, it is vital that you present your personal particulars as a requesting party. The cost for each copy would be $13.00 and the processing time takes within 5 to 7 business days. The payment can be made through check or money order and must be paid to the Idaho Bureau of Vital Records.

All these are assisted by the state government as one of their duties for the people whom they are serving. But, it’s great to hear that nowadays these marriage records are just a few clicks away from all the requesting parties. It is made possible with the transformation ever happened in the field of modern technology. So long as you have a computer at home with Internet connectivity you can absolutely obtain the same information you get from the government records offices. It’s quick and simple; you only have to pay a reasonable service charge for you to acquire the records that you are seeking. Searching for records becomes an easy-breezy job with an online records service.

Idaho Marriage Records

Aside from the county clerk office, the Bureau of Vital Records in the State of Idaho maintains records of life events in the State. Records of marriages from May 1947 up to the present are available from the office. Three ways to obtain records:

  • Mail order
  • Online order
  • Fax order

Idaho Background Check

To request for vital records in the State of Idaho, follow the steps provided below.

Idaho Vital Records

Vital records in the State of Idaho are available from the Bureau Vital Records and Health Statistics as well as from the County where the event occurred. These vital records are considered as private and confidential by the State. However, these become public when the records reach their expiry date – 100 years for birth certificates and 50 years for the rest.

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