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Hawaii Public Records

Hawaii triumphantly passed a bill which is specifically called the Uniform Information Practices Act which plainly states all the different kinds of accessible public records. It also provides information on the records that are not available or can’t be divulged to public for whatever purposes. Originally, public records in Hawaii are described to be in any physical forms which cover tapes, documents, videos, books, recordings, emails and many more. These are all kept and updated for the benefit of the future generations to come.

Additionally, the State’s Legislature has also enumerated a list of records which can be ordered by anyone who lives in Hawaii. On the contrary, there are also bills which are implemented to block any attempt to retrieve some government owned documents. These reports are usually those highly confidential files with sensitive pieces of information. However, if the level of importance is high then you can perhaps make a formal request addressed to the court and see if it will be granted or not. If the appeal did not pass then you should respect the decision. For those that relate to criminal records the State has an Internet Criminal Justice Data Center for public quiries.

Hawaii Public Records

The State has an Office of Information Practices which entertains any applications relating to public reports. In fact, they have set-up an online information request form which the residents can download and submit to the designated office when it is completely filled-out. The way searches are accomplished in Hawaii have changed over time more especially when the works of technology are developing fast. Today, the State’s government starts to make use of an online repository as a modern tool or database for public files and to serve the people even better in general.

The Department of Health’s Office of Health Status Monitoring has always been the in-charged on vital reports. They have accumulated the reports on marriage, death and birth since the 1800’s up to now to give the public plenty of information to make use of. Cost per copy is only $10.00 which should be paid through a certified check or a money order. Additional fees will be credited if a requesting party would want to produce more copies. Divorce documents on one hand can be obtained for only $2.00 per copy. This one has been updated since 1951 up to this day. But, they had prior records to that which can be ordered from the Circuit court in County where the legal separation was accepted.

Files on police, arrest and other major or minor offenses can be retrieved from the respective law enforcement units as prescribed by law. These manual processes of getting a copy of a public record are found to be time-consuming because they don’t involve any technologically operated machines. But today, it has come for real and a dream-come-true for everyone who wished to speed up the search. It simply means that searching can be made online even at home since it is properly channeled through a trustworthy website which stores and delivers data to anyone in just a few clicks.

Hawaii Public Records

The Hawaii Office of Information practices has been the main in-charge for providing information on:

  • Sex Offender Registrations
  • Laws and Codes
  • Courts
  • Crime and Crime Data

Hawaii Background Check
Performing a background check on someone can be done from the following locations:

  • State-wide office public records
  • Public records by county
  • Public records by city or town

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