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Guam Public Records

Guam is not exempted to having an updated database on public documents. In fact, since it became a part of the United States their government has automatically adapted the kind and form of government that the United States has been made up of. So, Guam Public Records are intact and well-maintained by the said State for the benefit of the entire area of Guam including the agencies, entities and the general public. They have made the records both available online and offline depending on which one works better for the people.

As time changed, the way they have done the documentation has also changed. Originating from the paper files, Guam has created an official portal for the Island of Guam being materialized to be accessible via web. It contains information regarding the services of the State including the public records which the people would want to know about. As a matter of fact, they have tapped the Bureau of Information Technology to help them build user-friendly websites for the advantage of the entire Guam.

Guam Public Records

The Guam Office of Vital Statistics caters all the transactions relating to the vital records consisting marriage, divorce, birth and death. To request these vital records you would need to write a formal letter of request. Then, send in the fundamental information requirements like the complete name of the individual on the record, the date when it took place and the place of the event. Also, you would need to present a government-issued ID as a legal proof that you are a legitimate resident of the state. You must enclose such pieces of information inside a stamped and self-addressed envelope. Payment should not exceed to $15.00 per copy and be paid only through money order to the Treasurer of Guam.

Geographically, Guam is just an Island which is capable of handling the records with just a few offices unlike the other States which oversee a lot of counties. So, apart from the vital statistics office, residents have an option to go to the office of the Clerk of Superior Court. This is where most of the court administered cases are being recorded and updated for future legal references. Thus, if you are performing a background check on someone, the Superior Court would be a viable place to go to collect the official data from. Of course, you can also visit any of the law enforcement agencies to help you retrieve information which allows you to know the truth about a suspicious person.

While all the resources are being made possible through the efforts of the local government officials, independent online records providers have also surfaced to supply the same data to thousands of Internet users today. However, you would need to choose a practical yet results oriented online records database to perfectly suit your needs. Practicality is evident by letting the people do the searches at home without the need to do a walk-in request to the designated government records offices. It’s a paid service but really worth the data that you are going to generate for whatever official purposes.

Guam Public Records
Guam has an official website which holds the following information:

  • Renewal of License
  • Guam taxes
  • Marriage License
  • Guam Birth and Death Certificate
  • Criminal Background Check

Guam Background Check

Residents are advised to go to the Unified Courts of Guam to do background check:

  • Provides information on Judicial Efficiency Data
  • Small Claims Court
  • Drug Court
  • Traffic Court
  • Model Civil Jury Instructions

Guam Records Resource Link

Other possible locations to search on these legal reports include:

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