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Guam Criminal Records

Guam is not that big in terms of land area and it does not have a lot of people who are legal residents of the said state. However, even if it’s just a small place with fewer residents it does not mean that it is 100% free from the criminals. As a matter of fact, they have still formed some government law enforcement agencies to uphold the law and punish whoever attempts to violate it. Now that Guam becomes a part of the United States, they have become stricter even more against the illegal immigrants. On that note, Guam Criminal Records are maintained to be used as a reference to anyone whose actions appear to be suspicious.

Criminal history checks have been done at the state’s criminal court office from the start. So, any legal individuals living in the state who would want to secure a copy of it must address his or her application to the presiding judge of the court. The Court stores all the records of misdemeanor, felony and traffic cases within the entire territory of Guam. There are so many more reasons why such legitimate pieces of information are preserved and made accessible today. They are looking into the overall national security measures against the terrorists, illegal immigrants and many more.

Guam Criminal Records

Searching for these public records would be an advantage for many reasons. They include screening in many aspects, checking on the past records of a potential business partner and being used for a lot more valuable things. If you are in Guam, you should not be too complacent because the criminals are always around. They could come into your life in completely different approach and you later on realized that you have been robbed or cheated in any ways. Thus, you need to stay sharp for the sake of your family, other loved ones and your business if you have one.

It is easy to perform the search in the State. You just need to fill-out the request form and hand it over to the clerk of court. The other way would be to go online using their official website. You can always ask for technical support if you can’t run through the check using their online database. Whether it is online or offline you will be required to pay a certain amount as service charge. The process is quite lengthy though because of the typical formalities done in government offices. However, you will eventually get what you need after a few days.

In the past, people from all over the States in America have been patient enough in dealing with the paper works every time they place a request for a particular public record. But today, there are no more requirements to fulfil and no more long waiting time because the said information can be researched very quickly these days in no time. If you have a computer and Internet access at home, you can definitely have the Guam criminal records anytime. It comes with a fee that is absolutely worth the data that you will obtain. An online records repository is the perfect place to acquire the criminal reports from.

Guam Criminal Records

The Guam Police Department maintains a database of criminal records in the territory. Criminal records access is restricted as the Police Department adheres to a non-disclosure policy. Records may only be obtained:

  • Personal criminal abstracts – available to the person/individual
  • Actual police arrest – available to those individuals with subpoena
  • Complete arrest report and background check of third party individuals – authorized law enforcement agencies

Criminal Records Background Check

To make a request for background check or to obtain one’s criminal records, follow the procedure below:

  • Visit the Guam Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention Unit of the Guam Police Department
  • Present a valid identification ID with photo.
  • Indicate the case number of the file being requested.
  • Pay the record fee of $15 in cash or on-island-check.
  • For third party request(s), requester must present a notarized authorization or consent form as well as a valid identification ID with photo.

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