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Gregg County Public Records

Records are very helpful in a lot of ways. In business, for instance, wherein the process of hiring the right applicants is crucial, records are perused to make sure that risks are mitigated. Good thing that in Texas, most records are public and are open to anyone who needs to get a hold of them. This is realized through the Open Records Act which is now referred to as the Public Information Act of the Texas Government Code. Such Act basically provides mechanism for the citizens of Texas to access, check and even reproduce public records for whatever legal purposes they may serve.

Public records in Texas include but are not limited to vital records such as births, deaths, adoptions, marriages and divorces; driver records; and arrest and criminal conviction records. Judicial records, on the other hand, do not belong to the category. Should you need to acquire these important documents, you must petition the court in writing. The court will deliberately decide whether to grant you access to such files or not. Either way, you will be notified. In Texas, the primary repository for all vital records is the Texas Department of State Health Services. In this department runs the Vital Statistics Unit which collects, protects and provides access to all vital registers in the state to improve the health and wellbeing of the people in Texas. Aside from this mission, such unit is also responsible for assisting anyone in the general public should they need to get a hold of any public records in Texas.

Gregg County Public Records

Birth and death records can be acquired from the Vital Statistics Office for the processing fees of $22 and $20 respectively. Marriage and divorce decrees, on the other hand, must be obtained directly from the local court. If you are in Gregg County and you need to get a copy of a marriage license, a marriage certificate or a record of marriage dissolution, the Gregg County Clerk’s Office is the perfect place to go to. To get these documents, an application must be filed in the same manner other vital records are requested. Marriage and divorce records can be obtained for a fee of $20 per copy.

Arrest registers in Gregg County are available at the Gregg County Sheriffs’ Office while criminal conviction histories or registers are accessible through the Law Enforcement at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Searches for criminal records can either be through fingerprint-based history check or name-based criminal history check. A fingerprint based search costs $15 whereas a name-based record check costs $10 only. Once the said department receives the information needed, it may take approximately 10 business days to get the results though as it will be sent through mail.

Manually obtaining these records can be quite a hassle as it would mean a lot of paper works and waiting time to get the results. Good thing that technology today has paved way to a much better means of doing transactions including records management and retrieval. Now, records can already be obtained online through the Internet. This modern way is practically faster and cheaper which makes it the trend nowadays.

Gregg County Court Records

In obtaining a copy of any public record in Gregg County, you can follow the outlined steps written below:

  • Print the application form specific for the record you want to get. It must be filled out with all the necessary details required.
  • For marriage and divorce records, please indicate the complete names of the couple, the date and county where the event took place, and the county where the license or divorce was issued or filed.
  • For death records, provide the complete name of the decedent, date and county of birth, spouse’s name, parents’ name, and the social security number if known.
  • For arrest and criminal records, specify the name of the person in question, and the date and county of birth.

Gregg County Court Records Public Access

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