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Georgia Public Records

Public records are not just the ordinary documents that you probably have heard of from other people. They are definitely a big deal in Georgia as a law was made to define its scopes and limitations to clearly describe it to the general public. The Georgia Open Records Act was formally implemented way back before which allows the residents to reclaim the said legal reports. In most cases, these Georgia public records are used to verify on something and in some ways protect lives and properties.

The keeping and releasing of these legitimate files have become part of the public service that the State government has been doing for quite some time already until today. They have all the types of records for public access except for those who are considered to be confidential. Well, aside from the open records act the State has a Privacy Law which entitles anyone to have the right to not allow others to view their own records. Also, those that are presently utilized in court are not disclosed as well to not interrupt the on-going proceedings or perhaps an active criminal investigation. It is important that you know the steps to apply for the said files. To be familiar with them you can visit an online resource on how to request the records.

Georgia Public Records

General inquiries relating to public documents should be coordinated with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Any requests can actually be done via oral or written method. However, the latter is more advisable for documentation purposes. The cost per request would actually depend on the policy being imposed per county or municipality as the records are not just administered by the State alone these days. One thing is for sure though that these official files will be delivered to those who applied for it in accordance to the specified procedure.

Records on criminals and police can be taken from any of the law enforcement agencies in Georgia. The vital records on the other hand can be directed to the Vital Records Service office, under the Department of Human resources. Birth, death and marriage can be requested for only $10.00 per copy. These records have been updated since the 1900’s. Divorce file on one hand can be procured at $2.00 per request. Any additional copies will require an extra payment as per ruling of the local government. The State’s records agency also initiated a site which provides details on the vital records. Today, the State and County offices have also introduced the online databases for these reports with the objective to cut-short the traditional process of performing the search.

Nowadays, the retrieval of these authentic records has become more hassle-free since it now becomes paperless finally. This implies that searching for public records no longer means that one will have to visit an agency to make a formal application. Today, you simply stay at home, sit in-front of your computer, make a few clicks and obtain the results in no time. The delivered data and the turn-around time are both commendable as they speak of high quality and standard result. Expectedly, you just got to pay a reasonable price for it in order to get what you needed.

Georgia Public Records

Due to the provision of the Open Records Act, access to public records in Georgia is available to any member of the state. Public archives that may be obtained include:

  • records of births and deaths
  • marriages and divorces certificates
  • arrests and criminal history information
  • driver records
  • county records
  • vital records amendments
  • project updates

Each record requires a corresponding fee though. To get a copy of any public record, a completed form is requisite for a particular record entreaty to be processed.

Public records in Georgia can be procured through the following entities:

  • Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Public Health
  • Office of the Attorney General, Department of Justice
  • Georgia Superior Courts
  • County Clerks Offices
  • County Sheriff Offices

Georgia Background Check

Public records play a very important role in genealogy research. Today, it is now also used most often in the light of doing legal searches. Records contain a very substantial amount of information about a particular individual under investigation, thus records are really of great help in such endeavor.

In the process of background checking using public records, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

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