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Georgia Marriage Records

Fortunately, citizens of Georgia State are able to freely obtain state vital statistics records. Georgia Marriage Records or more particularly marriage licenses for instance are open to the general public, which means that as long as the required information, a signed request form and the right fee are provided, a person can get a copy of a nuptial file. This is advantageous for anyone who considers marrying someone and wants to first of all verify facts about this would-be life partner. The existence of a marriage document would confirm whether someone has previously contracted marriage with another individual or not.

These types of researches are typically lengthy and laborious. What’s more if you want to get a thorough investigation on a person’s background? If you live in the olden days this might be a distasteful thing to do; but today it’s as instant as sending a text message. Yes, performing searches on various public government documents is a breeze due to the internet and the available online tools that you can take advantage at any moment you desire.

Georgia Marriage Records

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But if preferred, you may still go for the usual methods specifically when you need to have a certified copy of a Marriage Record. Usually for all states, mail-in application is a standard mode of sending your written and signed application form for a vital data such as marriage details. Also, in-person requests may be done at the state Vital Records office or the Probate county court where the spouses originally applied for a nuptial license. While some states allow VitalChek orders for marriage certificates, GA State doesn’t have it as an option for marriage records orders. Interested Georgians may use the third party vendor as an alternative route only for birth and death record orders.

Since doing online transactions is both convenient and time-saving, most of us would really want web-based requests as a nice route. That’s where some internet-based search systems come in handy. Anytime you can perform your inquiries or your own personalized vital checks by registering to a reliable public records search database. For a reasonable amount, you can conduct comprehensive searches round the clock, get instant results, and confidential investigations on any person you want to check into.

Sluggish turnaround time is a typical characteristic to Public Record agencies especially for vital stats information because those files are often most-requested by citizens. It’s not even just weeks; sometimes it could take up to several months before the specific details about a certain essential file lands on your own hands. How about if you need your answers urgently? What if you can’t wait that long? Deciding whether you’d go ahead and walk down the aisle is such a tough spot to be. However, it could become a lot smoother and more fulfilling when you know that the person you’re marrying is indeed someone you know in and out.

Free Public Marriage Records located online are your immediate solutions when you need to verify the marriage specifics of a person. You also have the option of conducting other related searches like looking into the person’s complete background data, his criminal records, court records, tax liens, civil filings and more- and check them all from one site.

Georgia Marriage Records

Marriage decrees are legal archives and are hence used for legal purposes. One of which it is widely used aside from legal matters is in the light of background investigation. Marriage records in Georgia can be acquired from:

  • Vital Records Registry
  • Judicial Branch of Georgia
  • County Clerks’ Offices
  • Georgia Court Offices
  • Georgia Secretary of State
  • Georgia Directory of Public Records

Georgia Marriage Background Check

Guidelines that you must follow when requesting for a Georgia marriage record:

  • Print the application form.
  • Fill it out in its entirety with all the necessary details asked.
  • Prepare the search payment of $10. For extra copies, you have to pay $5 each.
  • For multi-year search, a payment of $10 is requisite.

Significant information that you have provide in the application form are the following:

  • Groom’s full name
  • Bride’s full name
  • Date of marriage (month, day, year)
  • Place of marriage (city, county)
  • The number of copies requested

Once everything is ready, send your order to either the Department of Health or to the relevant County Clerk’s Office. Requesting for a record can be done through mail or walk-in method. Should you wish to place your order via mail, don’t forget to send the corresponding fee through check or money order.

Georgia Vital Records

Georgia’s Vital Records Registry, Department of Health is the central repository for all the state’s vital records. Other public archives, on the other hand, can be acquired from other state agencies. Each record requires a corresponding fee though. To get a copy of any public record in Georgia, a completed form is requisite for your entreaty to be processed.

In the process of background checking using public records, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

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