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Georgia Divorce Records

The Georgia Dept. of Public Health, Office of Vital Records provides accurate information regarding vital occurrences of birth, death, marriage, and divorce within the State of Georgia. It must not be confused with the fact that the said office doesn’t hold Georgia Divorce Records but it has divorce indexes from the year 1952 up to the present day. By and large, you can freely reach the Vital Records section from the web, or in person at their Atlanta office, thru mail or by their call center at 404-679-4702.

Since it is important to acquire a copy of your divorce confirmation for uses like obtaining another marriage license, and other legal purposes, you have the option of going straight to the county where the legal termination of the marriage was finalized or granted. From the state Vital Records department you can only request for a search that would determine whether a divorce has actually occurred or not. But if you need to get hold of the actual certified decree copy, you can request that from the Court Clerk Office again in the county where the event was approved.

Georgia Divorce Records

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The person who wants a divorce confirmation search through the Vital Statistics office will have to make a signed request and must be able to provide the required information along with it namely the groom’s and the bride’s complete name, the month, day and year of the divorce event, the county and city of occurrence, the number of copies desired. Each search costs $10 (non-refundable).

Actually, there is a smoother and quicker way of confirming the existence or finalization of a Divorce event; or any other vital events in every state. Unimaginable number of files and relevant data can be yours in minutes. One main benefit of using a web-based provider in looking for any important record of just about any person is the convenience of checking massive information without going outside your home. It’s a very private and comprehensive search in other words.

Up to a billion public files are ready for your personal investigation at any time at a very reasonable registration cost. Anyone can conduct a simple search by just supplying the person’s name and state. While divorcees would like to get certified copies of divorce records for some legal uses and for proofs, there are other personal uses that may not qualify the traditional record sources.

The only possible option for D-I-Y investigations is through Free Public Divorce Records sites on the internet. What’s more is your inquiries will not be bound to a single category of public file. As a matter of fact, a single database is able to provide tremendous amount of data that you need in order to deeply know a person. If you want a search that could ensure your overall safety, you can opt for a complete access site. You have several options today; it could be another challenge to look for which one is reliable or not.

Georgia Divorce Decree

The Department of Public Health in Georgia is responsible for the archiving and issuance of vital records like the Georgia divorce records. Upon making a request, one should be able to provide the basic details:

  • Complete name of the groom
  • Complete name of the bride
  • Divorce date
  • Divorce location
  • Number of copies to obtain

First off, one needs to fill-out the official application form of the State in order to get the search started.

Georgia Divorce Background Check

There certain guidelines which the residents should adhere to when requesting copies of vital records. They are as follows:

  • Only the owner of the record, family member or a legal representative can do the request
  • Earlier records are only obtainable at the Clerk of Court
  • The charge per request costs $10 and an extra $5 when requesting for more copies
  • Copies of the divorce records are managed by the Clerk of the Superior Court in the county where it was approved.

Georgia Vital Records

The State only keeps an index of divorces which happened since 1952 up to now. The Clerk of Court is mainly the designated place for copies of divorce reports. The State can only confirm that a certain divorce record occurred or not. Another State resource for vital records is provided by the Georgia Division of Archives and History which covers information pertaining government agencies:

  • Records Laws and Regulations
  • Records Services
  • Records Advice
  • Policies Affecting Government Policies
  • Records-related projects
  • Current Issues

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You can also get to collect more legal data related to vital records by going through the following databases:

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