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Fresno County Public Records

The first known records were left behind in the walls and the ceilings of caves and depict animals and other strange figures that only those who had recorded them could understand. In this sense, perhaps, those records could not be classified as true records, because records, as we now know them to be, are supposed to have been left behind so that future generations could read them, could understand them, and could use them. This is because these records refer to something important. As for the cave men who made the drawings in caves, perhaps the figure of a man with the head of a bird is indeed important though only they could really know why, but in the age of today, there is no question that the archives known as the Fresno County Public Records is an important collection of documents that could and should be easily accessible to the public.

Records may be obtained from two sources, the state level, and the county level. At the state level, the government office that is concerned would be the California Department of Public Health. Searches at this level are exhaustive and could take a long time, but the records that would be available from this source would come for all across the state. At the county level, the government office that is concerned would be the Office of the Clerk-Recorder. At this level, the searches are faster, but it is not as exhaustive as state level searches. County level searches also have other types of records available that could not be obtained from state level sources.

Fresno County Public Records

To begin a search at the California Department of Public Health, the searcher first has to download the relevant request form from the website of the California Department of Public Health. Note that there are two general types of records that could be obtained, but most people could only obtain informational copies. These copies are the same as authorized copies, but could not be used to establish identity. As for authorized copies, the only people who could acquire them would be those who are enumerated in an exclusive list. Once the form has been completed, the form, along with a money order to correspond to the required fee, and a notarized sworn statement if the same is needed, should be sent to the Department. The fees range from twenty five dollars for birth certificates to fourteen dollars for dissolution of marriage certificates.

At the county level, the Office of the Clerk-Recorder has a number of public documents that are available. To begin a search at this level for recorded documents, there are two methods, by person or by mail. The Office would not entertain a request for copies of recorded documents via phone or any other method. Whatever method is chosen, however, the requisites are the same, the number or title of the document, the required fee, and the name of at least one of the parties in the document being requested for. In addition, a request by mail has to include a self-addressed stamped envelope to indicate where the records are to be returned. Fees are at twenty five dollars for birth certificates to fifteen dollars for marriage certificates.

Another option would be to search for the records online. There are a number of databases that have the same information as the ones that could be provided by these government offices, but online searches have the advantage of being faster and more efficient. They also do not require the searcher to fall in lines or to even leave their homes. In addition, most of these searches are free of charge and because they are connected to other databases, it is possible that the searcher could obtain more information using these online databases.

Fresno County Clerk Of Court Public Records

Follow the given procedure to obtain copies of certificates by mail from the office of the clerk-recorder

  • Download the relevant form corresponding to the requested certificate.
  • Fill up this form.
  • Determine the required fee in accordance with the schedule of fees of the Fresno Clerk-Recorder.
  • Mail the form, together with a money order corresponding to the require fee and payable to the clerk, and a notarized sworn statement, if the same is required, to the Office of the Clerk Recorder.

Fresno County Public Court Records Free Access
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