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Free Marriage Records

You may now obtain free marriage records through the state in which the marriage took place. Some states have central repositories where vital records are kept in archives and you may make a written or verbal request through that department. Others may have you contact the county or parish in which the marriage took place. You may be able to find a request form from the state, fill it out and mail it with return postage while others have you pay a small search fee by check or money order and require that you send copies of government identification. Most states have a backlog of search requests, so you may be waiting a few days or weeks to receive a copy of the marriage record.

You’ll find a wealth of background information about someone within a marriage record and can use it for research on a family tree, proof that a person was married and to whom he or she was married – plus much more. When you request a free marriage record through a state, you may want to be aware that some of the information is not as accurate or up-to-date as possible. This is because of the methods used in the past to record records and also because of the privacy laws that some states have enacted after the Freedom of Information Act was passed years ago.

Free Marriage Records

To avoid the hassle and waiting time of a state-based search you can go to the Internet and use a private, online search site. These sites are fee-based, but the fees are very reasonable and you can perform a one-time search to find the information you need. Search engines used by the private sites can cut through complicated information within seconds, compile it for you in a comprehensive report and send it to your private email address. Most people much prefer to search for marriage records with that method rather than obtain free marriage records from a state-based search. It’s easy and very readable so that you don’t have to deal with confusing legal terminology or gaps in the record. If the record you requested isn’t found, there is no charge.

Legal professionals are some of the main users of online, fee-based search sites. They need to be sure that the information they obtain for a case or a client is accurate and the Internet search sites can deliver accurate information because they’re able to search through vast databases that cover many states, rather than just one. Online search sites are also becoming popular places for the average citizen to obtain information about someone in their lives – or the lives of loved ones – to be sure about their backgrounds. You can never be too safe when you’re letting someone in your life that you may have just met or have an uneasy feeling about.

You can click on the link we’ve provided to find out more about how an Internet search site can help you find marriage records or contact the state where the marriage took place for more information about fee marriage records.

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