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Free Divorce Records

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, you can now access free divorce records from the state in which the divorce took place. While the information is supposed to be “free,” there may be a small fee involved in the search. Also, some states have restrictions as to how much information you can receive from any vital record. You may have to request the information by mail or by application and then wait for the search and the results to be sent. Some states also provide a way that you can search through files yourself, but it’s very time-consuming, tedious and you may not get the results you hoped for.

Also, some states require that you send a copy of your government identification, major credit card and/or other means of identification and to prove that you have some type of legal interest in seeing the divorce record or are one of the persons listed on the document. If you want to bypass all the hassle of going through a state-based search for free divorce records, look into the services of a fee-based online search site. These sites have much more powerful search engines and the databases they use contain much more information.

Free Divorce Records

When you get a divorce record report from a fee-based online site, you may receive such information as phone number and email address, birth date, address history and family background and more. That’s because an online search site doesn’t stop at simply finding the status of a divorce, but can provide you with much more information about the people in question. It’s well worth the small price you pay to forego all of the red tape of a state based free divorce records search and get much more information.

In the past, online search sites investigative abilities have mostly been used by companies who are considering hiring an employee and need background information about a person. But, in today’s transient society, more and more people are finding that an online search site can help them to quickly and easily provide them with information that might make a difference in a major decision in their lives. All you need for an online search is minimal information, such as the name of the person whose file you want to search. No government identification is needed – and your payment information is encrypted, so there’s no worry about anyone finding out that it was you who requested the search. There is no charge to you if no record is found.

Online search services have been around since the Internet began, but their popularity is increasing due to the ease in which a record can be found and delivered compared to free divorce records searches performed by the state. Click on the link to visit an online search site and begin your search now.

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