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Florida Public Records

Florida has evidently outlined the specifics in regards to the law which allows the public to view the government’s open records. The bill provides all the provisions on the part of the government body that takes care over the documents and the people who will be making the application. Back in the old days, only the main office of the State had the authority to keep such reports. But nowadays, the counties and municipal offices have been updating their own records and distribute them to whoever is asking for legal access.

As based on the declared law, records are the documents, papers, letters, maps, books etc. regardless of forms and the manner by which they are kept. These reports are technically stored in an agency which is further defined by law as a government-recognized office in the State, County, district and other government affiliates. These are the offices where individuals in Florida can visit to for records searching purposes. But, not all sorts of records can be unveiled to public like those that are being used in an active investigation and those whose reasons would violate the privacy laws.

Florida Public Records

The office of Vital Records, Department of Health Rehabilitative Services is the common place to go to when digging out the vital bits of information which include death, birth, marriage and divorce. As a matter of fact the State also has an online guide on public files. Both the birth and death certificates have been maintained since the 1800’s. Birth records can be requested for $9.00 per copy while birth reports are obtainable at $5.00 per copy. If more copies are needed, both records require an additional fee to do the extra work. You can of course contact the office’s service support in case you wanted to verify the current fees.

Divorce and marriage records on one hand can be procured for only $5.00 per request. The State has actually started keeping such data since 1927. So, you’ll get to gather as plenty of information as you can when needing these reports. Like the other vital files, these two would also demand an extra payment if one desires to grab more copies. As usual, the requesting party will be obliged to prepare the paper requirements more especially the documents which validate one’s legal residency. It is important that you identify yourself as a legal citizen in the State, otherwise, your application will be put on hold and you might be held under questioning by the authorities.

Police, arrest and other similar records are obviously accessible through the state and local law enforcement units. It indeed demands time and effort doing the search via these agencies. However, the long wait is over because such public records are just a few clicks away these days. An online records provider has been born to cater the basic needs of the people. Any types of information nowadays can be downloaded in no time in return for an affordable records service cost. The benefit is for a lifetime since you can anytime do the search at home with complete privacy and security.

As per the Florida Public Records Act, all state and municipal records are accountable for the citizenry. It is the duty of the agency to assist individuals searching for public records and provide them with the information that they need. Public records that may be obtained include, but not limited to the following:

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage and divorce decrees
  • Arrest and criminal records
  • Driver records
  • County records
  • Project updates
  • Amendments to vital records

Obtaining public records in Florida can be done through filing a request at either of the following agencies:

Florida Background Check

In background screening, records are very useful. Criminal records, for instance, reveal any felonies or misdemeanors committed by the person in question thus decision making situations can be handled easier for various purposes.

To obtain a copy of a public record in Florida, the following guidelines and instructions must be followed:

  • Secure an application or request form. Each type of record has its own request form that must be filled out with all the necessary information.
  • Provide as much information about the subject as possible to locate the record easier by narrowing the results.
  • Prepare the search fee and send it through check or money order to any of the agencies stated above. Take note, fees may vary from county to county and fees are non-refundable regardless if the document demanded is found or not as it applies for the search itself.
  • The processing time record requests depends on what type of record is requested and on what office the order is placed.

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