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Florida Divorce Records

The increasing number of divorce cases nowadays has somehow alarmed a couple of individuals, particularly those who are against the legality of dissolution of marriage. Some of the known issues one might be interested to know about are the reasons why the couple ended their marriage, the location and date when the separation was proclaimed, settlements, to name a few. These important pieces of information can be found by seeking Florida Divorce Records.

By virtue of the Freedom of Information Act, accounts on divorces that took place in the state of Florida are now accessible by every member of the public without any restriction. Readily available at the state’s Office of Vital Statistics are divorce documents that were filed since June 1927. For similar event that happened before the said year, matching records can be requested at the clerk of the circuit court in the county where the marriage license was obtained.

Florida Divorce Records

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When searching through this government office, applicants are expected to abide by specific rules and regulations. Applications must contain the required small admin charge to be paid by check or money order to the Vital Statistics office. In addition to that, it’s also a must for the requester to attach a photocopy of a driver’s license or other valid photo I.D. and his signature. It’s also imperative to provide the following particulars: full names of the couple, date of divorce and the city or county of occurrence.

While traditional means of acquiring this information, such as in person, mail, phone or fax, are still utilized these days, most searchers now turn to the Internet for a much better searching experience. Instead of falling in line at government offices, submitting numerous requirements and waiting for days or weeks, seeking through the World Wide Web is rather faster and more convenient.

At the present, free search sites are scattered over the Internet. Be aware, however, that their downside is in generating raw data. Free of charge services are likewise known to have no protection against viruses, malwares and other harmful elements. In contrast, paid records providers are your best pick. Fee-based services guarantee to supply exactly what you need, right when you need it; all for just a nominal cost.

Free Divorce Records are deemed as one of the most essential documents, along with that of marriage, birth and death. This type of information serves as the backbone of public archive services throughout the country. Today, people look at it to investigate the background of someone, study genealogy or support any legal proceedings, among others.

Florida Divorce Decree

Florida Divorce Records are maintained by the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The basic information about the said records includes:

  • The reports are prepared by the Clerk of Court and received by the Vital Statistics office after 60 days. The divorce decree though will remain under the custody of the designated Clerk.
  • Records are archived since June 6, 1927 up to present. Those which took place before the said year will have to be ordered from the Clerk of Court in the County.
  • Payment required will be $5.00 for each copy and an extra $4.00 when requesting for additional copies.

Procedure to do the request by mail:

Make a letter of request following the application form provided by the State.
Supply details of the names mentioned on the records and yours as an applicant.
Pay through personal check or money order to the Bureau of Vital Statistics office.
When not sure of the divorce date, just provide range of years as basis in doing the search.

Florida Divorce Background Check

The application for dissolution of marriage report comes with an official form as per policy of the State.

The records will be available to anybody so long as the request is valid and the person requesting a legal resident of the State
Normally, results are delivered in 5 to 7 business days
Once payment is sent you can no longer take it back whether or not you get the results which you requested for
To get yourself familiarized with the divorce law and custody in Florida you can always turn into an online resource which talks about that matter.

Florida Vital Records

Florida Department of Health has taken the responsibility of preserving and delivering information on vital records for public consumption. Their official website also offers services on the following:

  • State Applications and Forms
  • Confidential Data Requests
  • Overview about the Vital Records
  • Electronic Death Registration

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