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Florida Criminal Records

Some convicted criminals may have lived a reformed life after getting out of prison, but the biggest concern goes to those who remained a headache to the society after being detained for years. A dilemma is also caused by those who have never been caught and sentenced for their illegal activities. Well, this problem must not be taken for granted because it’s something that threatens anyone’s life. Florida Criminal Records are made available to public for protection purposes and other legal reasons.

The entire procedure in obtaining pertinent facts back in the old days was not that easy. Everything is done manually which results to a very long acquisition of the desired official documents. The State’s Department of Law Enforcement is the main place where residents can request for the said files. Paper reports can be possessed without restrictions from the government since there’s a law which orders for free access on them for whatever legal undertakings.

Florida Criminal Records

Criminal Records are indeed obtainable at the designated law enforcement agency; however, the downside is that the whole process is tedious and time consuming. Part of the things that you will need to undergo is to make a request, fill out some necessary forms, pay for the admin fee and wait for the result for a long time. These are but a conventional way of retrieving legal pieces of information regarding someone. Some might still follow this traditional procedure, however, for many it’s time to welcome the new age of information brought by the Internet.

With the advancement of computerization and the Internet today, everything can be done quickly and easily. This would mean that anyone can do the search on criminal records on their own, not at the office, but at home so long as there is Internet connection. Web owners now developed sites that are dedicated to providing Internet users with information including those that contain the Criminal History of a certain person. This opportunity has indeed given any organizations the privilege to be protected against the bad elements in the society.

There are two ways to acquire criminal reports; it could be through the commercial online record services or through free online report services. The paid ones are of higher value in terms of data and all, thus, they are more useful when used in court proceedings and the like. The free-of-charge services only release a bit of information.

Florida Criminal Records

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) site contains useful information for researchers who are looking for the following records:

  • Criminal History Information
  • Wanted Persons
  • Missing Persons/Children
  • Sex Offenders
  • Unsolved Murder Cases
  • Stolen Properties
Florida Criminal Records Background Check

The State makes it possible for requestors to obtain their personal background checks by following the steps mentioned below:

Florida Criminal Records

For those who believe that they are victims of identity theft, please follow the following steps:

Florida Criminal Records Resource Links

To locate other FDLE programs and obtain criminal records information please see the following links below:

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