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El Dorado County Public Records

Public records are records that are considered to be important to the everyday lives of people hence, the reason that they should be available at all times to the public. There are, however, many circumstances where vital records such as these could be restricted because of the information contained within them. Nevertheless, public records are still generally available to the public and copies of the same could be had by others, although these copies could not be used for the purpose of establishing identity. For this reason, El Dorado County Public Records are still generally available to the public, but with the limitations imposed upon the same by the law.

To fully understand the importance of the availability of public records and how it must be available to the public, one must first understand the reason why there are public records in the first place. Public records are the way of government of recording some events so that the future generation could be sure that such event had happened. Generally, there are two ways, or levels, of searching for these records. The first would be through the state level and the second would be through the county level.

El Dorado County Public Records

At the state level, the department primarily concerned would be the California Department of Public Health. Copies of vital records could be found with the department and to request the same, the searcher should first download the relevant request form from the website of the department. Note that informational copies, which could not be used to establish identity, are the only copies that the department could give, unless the searcher is included in the exclusive list of people authorized to receive authorized copies, in which case, in addition to the form, the searcher should also fill up the sworn statement in the second page of the request form and have the same notarized.

In either case, the form, together with the notarized sworn statement if applicable and a money order corresponding for the required fee, should be mailed to the department. The required fee for the records range from twenty five dollars for birth certificates to fourteen dollars for dissolution of marriage certificates.

County level searches are conducted through the Office of the Clerk-Recorder. Unlike the Department of Public Health, the Clerk-Recorder only has copies of the records for events that happened within the county, so while the search here would not be as exhaustive, it may be faster given that there are less records that have to be checked.
There are a number of procedures that could be used in order to request for public records from the office of the clerk-recorder, the foremost of which is to request for the same via mail. Requests for official records can be mailed to the office together with an emergency phone number, an address to mail the copy to, a money order corresponding to the fee, plus a self-addressed stamped envelope. The procedure is the same when requesting for birth or death records, but in this case, the request form provided for by the office must first be downloaded from the office and this should be used instead of a generic request form. The fees for birth certificates are twenty five dollars which is the highest amongst the records.

Another option available would be to search for the records online using online databases. There are a number of databases that provide the same information as these two government offices online, with the advantage of not requiring the searcher to actually follow the procedures prescribed by the offices. Internet searches are also faster, more efficient, and, more often than not, cheaper because most of these databases do not charge any fee at all. In addition, since this searches could be done from the home of the searcher, there is no need to actually fall in line on the part of the searcher.

El Dorado County Clerk Of Court Public Records

To request for copies of official records from the Office of the Clerk-Recorder, follow the procedure given below

  • Visit the On-Line Catalogue Index of the clerk-recorder in order to find the document number of the document that you wish to request for.
  • This document number must be included in the request for official records.
  • Prepare a request form for the official records. Note that for official records other than birth and death certificates, there is no format that must be followed. For birth and death certificates, there is a format that must be followed, but the form could be downloaded here
  • Together with an emergency phone number, a money order corresponding to the fee, and a self-addressed stamped return envelope, mail the request form to the Office of the Clerk-Recorder.

El Dorado County Public Court Records Free Access
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